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Jul 11, 2023
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Lebanese Military Analyst Abdul Rahman Chehaitli: Lebanese Soldiers Are Highly Qualified, Even Compared To Europe, And Have Support From Hizbullah; They Can Fight The Israeli Army

#10397 | 02:00
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese military analyst Major-General (ret.) Abdul Rahman Chehaitli said on a July 11, 2023 show on OTV (Lebanon) that the Lebanese army and Hizbullah are prepared for war with Israel. He said that Israel should not underestimate the Lebanese army, because even though it has inadequate weapons, it has some of the most qualified servicemen, who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the country even if they have low salaries. Chehaitli said that the Lebanese military has Hizbullah's 100,000 fighters and arsenal of 150,000 rockets to back it up. Chehaitli is the former Director-General of the Lebanese Ministry of Defense and represented Lebanon in the border negotiations with Israel in the last decade.

Abdul Rahman Chehaitli: "What Israel took in 1923 from Lebanon, which was under [French] mandate, it cannot take [now] when Lebanon has 150,000 rockets [belonging to Hizbullah], 100,000 [Hizbullah] fighters, and 60,000 soldiers in the Lebanese army. Israel should not look down on the 60,000 Lebanese soldiers. Even if the salary of a Lebanese serviceman is $100..."

Interviewer: "It does not mean that he would not sacrifice his life for the country..."

Chehaitli: "Despite our [inadequate] weapons, the Lebanese soldiers and officers are among the most qualified – not just in the Middle East, but even compared to Europe. This quality was evident during the war on terror."

Interviewer: "Of course."

Chehaitli: "If the army commander orders these 60,000 soldiers to go to the border, all 60,000 will go there, even without a salary. I am not exaggerating. I am telling you how it is. The Lebanese army is capable of fighting the Israel army. It is ready to fight. It will bear all the consequences of this fighting and will not retreat. It is not just talk. I have experienced this for over 40 years.

"There are also 100,000 fighters [of Hazbullah] who are waiting. They tell the Lebanese army that they have its back. And then, there are [Hizbullah's] 150,000 rockets.

"If Israel could not take anything when there was no army and no resistance in Lebanon, it will not be able to take anything now."

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