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Aug 06, 2020
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Lebanese Ambassador To Jordan Tracy Chamoun Resigns On Live TV, Receives Vigorous Applause From Studio Guests And Crew: All The Leaders Must Go; Beirut Port Explosion Is A Sign That The Government's Neglect Is All-Encompassing

#8196 | 02:31
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Tracy Chamoun, Lebanon's Ambassador to Jordan, announced in an August 6, 2020 interview on MTV (Lebanon) that she is resigning from her position as ambassador. Chamoun's resignation was received with vigorous applause by the show's host, studio guests, and crew. Ambassador Chamoun said she has decided to resign because of the neglect, thefts, and lies of the Lebanese government. Explaining that she can bear the pain no longer, Ambassador Chamoun said that the recent Beirut port explosion is a sign that all of Lebanon's leaders must go, because their neglect is all-encompassing.

Tracy Chamoun: "I have come today with sorrow and pain filling my heart over what we have seen outside. I wasn't here with you, but I wanted to be with you. This is why I have come to announce my decision. This is not an easy decision, because I have spent all my life in service. I care about public affairs and I worked a lot on the coronavirus [response]. But today, I have come to announce my resignation as Ambassador..."

Host: "We must all applaud Tracy Chamoun for this tremendous decision. Tracy Chamoun is the daughter of the martyr Dany Chamoun. She comes from a deeply-rooted political home, and she is submitting her resignation from the Lebanese diplomatic corps... Or at least from her position as Ambassador, because she is not a part of the diplomatic corps. The same home that sacrificed martyrs for this country is not submitting a protest over... Over what, Tracy?"

Chamoun: "Over the neglect by the administration over the thefts, over the lies... Nothing in this country is actually working. As an ambassador and a government employee, I cannot take this anymore. I cannot bear the pain I see in everybody's eyes. I believe that this explosion, this massacre, this disaster signals to us that we must not show clemency towards anyone. They must all go, all of them. The current leaders and those of the past, because this neglect is all-encompassing."

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