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Oct 27, 2020
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Lebanese Airline Pilot Rola Hoteit On The First Ever Lebanese Flight With All-Female Crew

#8447 | 01:28
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

On October 27, 2020, Rola Hoteit, a pilot for Lebanon's Middle East Airlines, was interviewed on OTV (Lebanon) about her role as the pilot of the first ever Lebanese flight to have a crew consisting entirely of women. Hoteit explained how she had been surprised by the absence of men in the flight crew and by the widespread reaction to the photo of the flight crew that was uploaded to Instagram after the flight.

Interviewer: "For the first time in Lebanon's history, a plane took off, a plane took off with a crew that consisted entirely of women. Captain Rola Hoteit, a picture of you has been published, which drew many responses. Ambassadors, and businessmen, businesswomen, and social media influencers have all reacted to this picture."


Rola Hoteit: "I arrived for the flight on Tuesday, and I saw that Angela was my copilot. I told her: 'Great, today it's you and me. It's nice that the cockpit is for us girls.' I summoned the rest of the crew for a briefing, and I asked them: 'Where are all the guys?' They said that there weren’t any. I reacted: 'What do you mean? There isn't even one guy with us?' They said: 'No.' I couldn't believe it. So I said: 'Alright, then let's take a picture.' This really is the first time that an entire flight crew has consisted only of girls. We took a photo, and we didn't tell the passengers anything. When we landed, we uploaded the picture to Instagram. I was very surprised by how many people reacted and by how willing they were to accept women in such a place."


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