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Jan 30, 2019
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Lebanese Actress Marinelle Sarkis: I Do Not Oppose Premarital Sex or Homosexuality despite Religion; Things Have Evolved

#6996 | 02:50
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

In a January 20, 2019 interview on OTV (Lebanon), Lebanese actress Marinelle Sarkis said that she does not oppose civil marriage and that she believes in freedom of choice, even as a practicing Christian. She said she also supports premarital sex so that couples do not find out that they are incompatible only after they have gotten married. When the interviewer pointed out that religions view this as fornication, Sarkis answered: "I am not Jesus Christ… Things have evolved." She also said that women cheat as much as men, if not more, and that she does not oppose homosexuality because people should be free to do as they please. She explained that she if her son turned out to be "biologically gay," she would still respect, love, and accept him as he is.

Following are excerpts:


Interviewer: Did you have a civil marriage or a church marriage?

Marinelle Sarkis: I decided to have a civil marriage, but a day before I was supposed to travel [abroad], I fell on my back.

Interviewer: I see…

Marinelle Sarkis: It was like a divine message that I need to get married in church.

Interviewer: Why did you want a civil marriage in the first place?

Marinelle Sarkis: Because I believe in it and I believe in the freedom of choice. If there were civil marriages in Lebanon, I would have had no problem. But because it is forbidden… Why is it forbidden?

Interviewer: You should direct your questions to the different religions.

Marinelle Sarkis: I am a believing and practicing Christian and I still support civil marriage.

Interviewer: Direct this question to the sheikhs and priests.

Marinelle Sarkis: That's right, I do not understand… Everybody has interests, as you know. Unfortunately, there are interests even in religion, not only in politics.

Interviewer: Do you support sex before marriage?

Marinelle Sarkis: Yes.

Interviewer: Yes.

Marinelle Sarkis: Of course! Because if the couple founds out after the wedding that they are not compatible, what are they supposed to do?

Interviewer: But according to religion, this is considered to be fornication.

Marinelle Sarkis: According to religion… I am not Jesus Christ. I am a person, on Earth. In addition, things have evolved…

Interviewer: You've had that experience? You did it yourself?

Marinelle Sarkis: Of course. I support it.

Interviewer: Also with regard to your son or your daughter?

Marinelle Sarkis: When my daughter and my son will be old enough, they will be free to do whatever they want. It is good for a person to be free in his life.




Interviewer: Men cheat more than women.

Marinelle Sarkis: No, that's not right.

Interviewer: Women do not cheat like men.

Marinelle Sarkis: No, sometimes they cheat more…

Interviewer: This is what you think?

Marinelle Sarkis: Yes.

Interviewer: Women will turn against you now.

Marinelle Sarkis: Stop portraying women as weak, while men are portrayed as machos, the gods of women who cheat on them… Women cheat as well.

Interviewer: For men it is easy, but not for women.

Marinelle Sarkis: Nowadays, it's much easier.




Interviewer: Homosexuality…

Marinelle Sarkis: What about it?

Interviewer: Are you for it or against it?

Marinelle Sarkis: Everybody is free in his life. Who decides [what's right or wrong]?

Interviewer: Would you accept your son to be gay?

Marinelle Sarkis: If my son turned out to be biologically gay, should I kill him? Should I hang him?

Interviewer: Of course not, but would you accept him? Would you be happy about it?

Marinelle Sarkis: I would mostly be sad not to be a grandmother, but he is free to do what he wants.




No matter what he turns out to be, he is my son. He came out of me and I'll always love him.

Interviewer: But will you be pleased that he is not…

Marinelle Sarkis: Why shouldn't I accept him?




Interviewer: But will you feel happy about it?

Marinelle Sarkis: If he marries a woman and then gets divorces, will I be happy about it? That's the same thing. I let life take me wherever it wants to take me. I would respect him, love him, and accept him as he is.

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