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Mar 10, 2022
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Lebanese Activists Hold Conference In Support Of Russia: Russia Is Curbing American Tyranny, Changing The Global Balance Of Power; We Are Grateful For Russian Support Of Key Arab, Lebanese Issues

#9430 | 01:58
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

On March 10, 2022, Russia Today TV aired an Arabic-language report about a pro-Russia conference that was held by activists in Lebanon. The conference, which was titled "A Day of Loyal Gratitude to the Russian Federation," was held by the Al-Murabitoun Independent Nasserite Movement. Pro-Palestine activist Dr. Nasser Khaidar told the reporter that by confronting American "arrogance," Russia is changing the balance of power in the world, is preventing America from pursuing its tyrannical policies, and is "giving expression" to the hopes and pains of the Arabs and the oppressed people throughout the world. General (Ret.) Mustafa Hamdan, who was presented as the Secretary of the Al-Murabitoun Leadership, said that the event is an expression of gratitude for Russian support for key issues in Lebanon and in the Arab world. He also said that Russia did not attack the Ukrainian people, and that it is in fact the U.S. and Europe that attacked them and threatened Russia's national security.

Narrator: "Under the title of 'A day of Loyal Gratitude to the Russian Federation,' which was summoned by the Murabitoun Independent Nasserite Movement, a group of Lebanese cultural, political, and media activists — as well as social activists in other fields - got together in order to declare their support for Russia."

Dr. Nasser Khaidar: "What Russia is doing today gives expression to the pain and the hopes of the Arabs and the oppressed people throughout the world, by confronting this American arrogance, whose policy is founded on occupation, on the plundering of resources, and on domination over the people and nations of the world.

"There will be multiple superpowers in the world, and this will create geographical and geopolitical balance in the world. This will prevent America from pursuing its tyrannical policy."

Narrator: "Several speeches were made — all focusing on the rejection of Western hegemony over world politics, and the importance of the Russian role in bolstering the international balance."

Mustafa Hamdan: "We are here to stand by the Russian Federation, in loyal gratitude for its positions on the main issues in Lebanon and the [Arab] nation, and especially the recent support extended by Russia and its leaders to the Lebanese people.

"It is not the Russian Federation that attacked the Ukrainian people. Rather, it is the United States and the Europeans who attacked the Ukrainian people, as well as Russian national security."

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