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Aug 31, 2020
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Lebanese Activist Rabab Al-Sadr, Sister Of Imam Musa Sadr, Bursts Into Tears: Why Should We Live Like This? We Have Become Like Bangladesh And Afghanistan

#8293 | 02:40
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese activist Rabab Al-Sadr, the President of the Imam Sadr Foundation, said in an August 31, 2020 interview on Al-Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that everything in Lebanon is in crisis, including security, economy, health, and education, and she questioned why the Lebanese people should live like this. Giving the example of the education system, Al-Sadr predicted that future generations will be ignorant and illiterate. Blaming Lebanon’s leaders and the fact that Lebanon is "managed" from abroad, she said that Lebanon has like Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Al-Sadr then began crying. Rabab Al-Sadr is the sister of Imam Musa Al-Sadr, a Lebanese Shi'ite scholar who disappeared in 1978 in Libya and is widely believed to have been murdered by the Qadhafi regime.

Raba Al-Sadr: "We are now experiencing a crisis in everything: in our lives, in our security, in our livelihoods, in our economy, in our health, in our education... You know the way we are teaching now in the schools... There are going to be generations of ignorant and illiterate people. Not all children are capable of studying online. I apologize for getting too excited. I live among..."

Interviewer: On the contrary. We are happy to hear these honest words."

Al-Sadr: "I live among the people and know their problems. I sit with them and see all that is going on. The education is not going well, the administration of the country is not going well, the economy is not doing well. Does it make sense that you have dollars but can't get them [from the bank]? I do not understand this language. How come a person cannot get his money from the bank? How can that happen?"

Interviewer: "What got us into this situation?"

Al-Sadr: "By Allah, I don't know. I am unable to connect the dots. This is connected to that, and that is connected to this... We hear a lot of things, but do know what is correct. Look, we have... I was to say it: We have become Bangladesh, we have become Afghanistan, we have become among the lowliest countries in the world. That is because of our leaders and because we are managed from abroad. We are paying our dues abroad and they handle us. We should we live like that? Why? Why should my little grandchildren live an uncertain life? Why?"

Interviewer: "That is a great cry Ms. Rabab, and you... We appreciate your tears for our injured country Lebanon – the country that Imam Musa Al-Sadr loved and in which he raised the banner of the deprived... We are in great need today of a person like Imam Musa Al-Sadr.

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