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Mar 22, 2023
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Lebanese Shi'ite Scholar Yasser Awde: Religious Scholars Are The Main Cause Of Lebanon's Collapse, Sectarianism, Tragedies, Disaster; We Love And Sanctify Our Leaders Over Our Own Children

#10314 | 02:02
Source: Almashhad TV (UAE)

Lebanese Shi'ite scholar Yasser Awde said in a March 22, 2023 show on Al-Mashhad TV (UAE) that the religious scholars are the main cause for the collapse, sectarianism, tragedies, and disasters in Lebanon. He said that Lebanese people prefer to love and sanctify their leaders over the lives of their own children, and he urged people to stop worshiping their leaders. Awde also said that religious leaders in Lebanon protect the corrupt people within their sects and serve foreign powers, instead of thinking independently and serving Lebanon and building it up.

Yasser Awde: "Religious scholars from all the sects have played a major role in making people live through sectarianism, as well as in protecting the corrupt people within their sects. They have played a major role in the collapse of this country. They contribute to this one way or the other, because they use their religious cloaks to protect the corrupt people within their sects.


"I am astonished by what has become of Lebanon, and by how we give precedence to loving and sanctifying a leader over loving our own children.


"I want people to think and to respect their own minds. I do not want people to sanctify and worship their leaders to the point of deification. Rather, they should say to them: 'We are not sheep or mere numbers. We have needs.' Religious scholars are the cause of Lebanon's catastrophes and disasters. I mean religious scholars in general, because they focus on their sectarian interests, and follow leaders and sultans, instead of standing by the poor and the oppressed.


"I want you to pressure your leaders and politicians not to be servants of foreign powers, but to serve Lebanon and build it up as a state in which everyone is equal, because humans are humans and they are free to choose their religion. It is between the individual person and God."

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