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Apr 16, 2023
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Leader Of Pro-Iran Iraqi Militia Akram Al-Kaabi: U.S. Ambassador On Iraq Carries Out Blatant Acts Of Sabotage; U.S. Forces Remain Legitimate Target And Will Be Expelled From The Region

#10252 | 02:09

Akram Al-Kaabi, Secretary-General of the Iraqi pro-Iranian Shi'ite militia Al-Nujaba Movement said in an April 16, 2023 statement aired on Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq) that his group rejects any American presence in Iraq and considers members of the US forces, regardless of their specific capacity, "legitimate targets" if they do not leave. He said that the American embassy in Baghdad is, in fact, a "military base" and that it serves as a base for "blatant acts of sabotage." Al-Kaabi continued to say that the Americans and Zionists do not frighten the Al-Nujaba Movement. He added: "We are all martyrdom-seekers."

Akram Al-Kaabi: "This so-called American ambassador secludes herself in army barracks and a bona fide military base, which is falsely called 'an embassy.'

"She carries out all her blatant acts of sabotage from this barracks at the heart of Baghdad. The resistance unequivocally rejects all of this. We declare our firm position that we reject the existence of an American [military] base in the middle of Baghdad, regardless of whether we call it an 'embassy' or any other misleading name.

"We also affirm our rejection of any agreement that would legalize the existence of the occupation, in any way, shape, or form. We categorically reject the presence of any American forces in our skies or on our land, regardless of whether these are fighters, advisors, instructors, or anything else. Accepting this would mean perpetuating and legalizing the presence of the occupation in our country.

"This will never happen. Let the blatant foreign occupiers know that if they do not leave our country, all their forces will remain legitimate targets for us, and we will pursue and expel them not only from Iraq, but from the region of West Asia in its entirety. We will surprise them from under their feet and from above with what they do not expect.

"We have a [debt] of vengeance against them on every inch of the land of Iraq, and for every drop of pure blood shed from our martyrs. Let the Americans and the Zionists know that their threats do not frighten us. Let them hear well that our goals are sacred. We will not give them up, withdraw, or compromise. For the sake of our goals, we are all martyrdom-seekers, and we will not hesitate for a moment."

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