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Sep 11, 2020
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Russian FM Lavrov Jokes: We Are Hurt That We Got Only Second Place After China For Interfering In The US Elections

#8427 | 00:42
Source: The Internet - "Russia Insight on YouTube"

On September 11, 2020, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov answered questions from the media during a joint news conference following talks with member of the State Council and Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi, in Moscow. Answering a question on how Moscow might comment on US officials often claiming that China and Russia are meddling in their elections, Lavrov answered with a joke, stating that - as estimated by the Americans - China is the biggest meddler in the US elections, and therefore is winning the "competition" against Russia. "It is only natural that we are hurt by being relegated to second place, because we are used to being number one all the time," Lavrov said. The video was translated into English by Russia Insight, a pro-Kremlin YouTube news channel.

Sergey Lavrov: "Mainstream media asks who is more meddling into the American affairs – Russia, China, or Iran? In this competition, American representatives say that China is winning. We are offended, since we are in second place. We are used to being the first!"

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