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Mar 19, 2023
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Kuwaiti Writer Jasem Al-Juraid Criticizes Athletes Who Refuse to Compete against Israelis, Adds: I Consider Islamists to Be Disbelievers – They Disbelieve in Coexistence, Women’s Rights

#10222 | 01:30
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

In a March 19, 2023 show on Sky News Arabia (UAE), Kuwaiti writer Jasem Al-Juraid criticized Kuwaiti athletes who refuse to compete against Israelis. He said that he doesn't understand why Kuwait has normalized relations with Iran and other countries that have human rights problems, yet it cannot maintain even minimal contact with Israel. In addition, he said that Islamists are terrorists and disbelievers, particularly because they do not believe in coexistence and in women's rights.

To view the clip of Jasem Al-Juraid on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

Jasem Al-Juraid: "We cannot accept that a Kuwait [athlete], agrees to participate in a sports competition, and agrees with its rules, and then withdraws because he refuses to compete with an Israeli participant.


"I have no problem with Israel.

"I see that Kuwait is normalizing and strengthening its relations with Iran, for example, or with countries that have many human rights problems.

"Why can't there be contacts – even on a minimal level – with Israel?"


"We should not use the term 'Islamic movement.' Keep Islam away from those extremists. They are terrorists. They are heretics. I consider them disbelievers.

"They deny the right of having neighborly relations. They deny women's right to determine their own fate, which is the heart of the civil covenant. They are deniers of peaceful coexistence. We cannot associate them with a religion which is constantly described as a tolerant religion of peace."

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