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Mar 01, 2020
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Kuwaiti Islamic Scholar Nazem Al-Misbah: We Should Be the Last Ones to Sign Peace Accord with Israel, And Only If We Do Not have a Choice

#7864 | 01:32
Source: The Internet - "Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV Show"

Sheikh Nazem Al-Misbah, a Kuwaiti Islamic scholar, said in a March 1, 2020 interview on Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV (Kuwait) that although Islam commands Muslims to oppose and fight Israel because it is occupying Islamic land, Muslims are only expected to fear Allah as much as they can, and thus there is a limit to what they are expected to do when they do not have the power to fight Israel. He said that it is brave and manly to be vocal against Israel and the Deal of the Century, and he added that Kuwait's leadership has clearly stated that if it is overwhelmed by pressure to sign agreements with Israel, it will at least be the last country to sign the agreements.

Sheikh Nazem Al-Misbah: "It is an axiom that we have learned ever since we were children that [Israel] attacked the Palestinian people and took that land, the land of Islam. And so they are the aggressors. We cannot relinquish that [land]."

Interviewer: "But we cannot fight Israel."

Sheikh Nazem Al-Misbah: "I am getting to the point. That is another matter. Islam commanded us [to fight]."

Interviewer: "The entire world recognizes [Israel]."


Sheikh Nazem Al-Misbah: "If we do not have the power [to fight Israel], Islam does not tell us to just kill ourselves. [The Quran says:] 'Fear Allah as much as you can.' We can use our tongues to condemn. It is a brave and manly stance to say loud and clear that this deal, what's it called..."

Interviewer: "The Deal of the Century."

Sheikh Nazem Al-Misbah: "We must say loud and clear that this deal is unjust."

Interviewer: "And what if [other] countries sign [peace agreements] with Israel?"

Sheikh Nazem Al-Misbah: "As our leaders made clear: If we face unbearable pressure [to sign a peace agreement with Israel] we should be the last ones [to sign such an accord]."

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