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Oct 12, 2016
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Kuwaiti Researcher Ghadeer Jamal: A Husband May Beat His Wife Only If There Is a Chance of Reforming Her; He Must Not Leave Red or Black Marks

#5770 | 01:43

Kuwaiti researcher Ghadeer Jamal said that a husband was allowed to beat his wife in order to reform her if she is rebellious, so long as he does not do it out of revenge and does not leave marks on her body. Speaking on the Kuwaiti Alkout TV channel on October 13 and 15, she said that denial of the husband's marital rights and leaving the house without the husband's permission were the two cases of a wife's rebelliousness.


Following are excerpts



Ghadeer Jamal: Rebellion on the part of a wife might occur in two cases, in which she is disobedient in matters defined by Allah: The first is denying the husband the pleasure he has the right to derive from her, and the second is stepping out of his house without permission.






The husband is allowed to beat his wife, if there is hope that this will make her obedient again. He is allowed to do it to the minimal extent that may have the desired effect. The beatings must not continue after the goal has been achieved. Otherwise, the beatings will only grow stronger. [Beating is permitted] as long as it is not hard, leaving black or red marks on her body. It must be for the purpose of reform, not for the sake of revenge. If the beating goes beyond that, it becomes a felony, and the husband must pay a fine, according to both the shari'a and the law of the state. Thus, the issue of wife-beating is a double-edged sword. If the husband beats his wife and leaves marks on her body, if her skin color changes - becoming red or black - or if she bleeds, he must pay financial compensation, as determined by Islamic law.






All this is assuming that there is a possibility that beating will make the wife mend her ways. If the husband knows that there is even a 5% possibility that it will not reform her, he must not beat her.





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