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Jan 19, 2016
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Kuwaiti Researcher Fahd Al-Shelaimi Waxes Lyrical about Saudi War Ethics in Operation Decisive Storm, Says: Ali Abdallah Saleh Should Be Hanged by the Belt of His Pants

#5344 | 03:08

In an interview held 300 days after the launching of Operation Decisive Storm, Kuwaiti researcher Fahd Al-Shelaimi told the UAE TV channel Al-Sharjah TV that if the Gulf countries wanted to erase Sanaa, "by God, not a single brick would be left there." "But our pilots, our commanders, and our sheikhs have war ethics," he said, and "the orders are not to bomb the infrastructure." Al-Shelaimi further said that Ali Abdallah Saleh was a war criminal, who "should be hanged by the belt of his pants."

Following are excerpts

Fahd Al-Shelaimi: Yemen has begun to heal. The southern governorates have been reclaimed. Five or six of them. They are on the right track. True, there are domestic security problems. The governorates of the center have been reclaimed, and the Sanaa Belt... The Houthi leader thought that the tribes in the Sanaa Belt would cooperate with him, but these tribes have now returned to their Yemeni origins, to their Arab brethren. The Houthi leader created the Sanaa Belt, thinking that it would secure Sanaa for him. In the previous negotiations, he was talking from his ivory tower, but we have shattered that ivory tower and made him sit on the ground.


We have become stronger and more united. Militarily, the world has begun to take us into consideration. We are engaged in operations, in planning. It is all going according to plan. The Gulf has emerged as a regional power. This is also a message to our next-door [Iranian] neighbors. These are all things... There is also an important point: war ethics. Brother Ali, let me tell you as a military man, if the Gulf countries wanted to erase Sanaa, by God, not a single brick would be left there. But our pilots, our commanders, and our sheikhs have war ethics. The orders are not to bomb the infrastructure.


True, 300 days have passed since Operation Decisive Storm was launched, but the number of casualties is small and the success is great. It took the great German army two years to reach the gates of Stalingrad.


We have accomplished a wonderful military panorama. But as I've told you, the only thing that holds us back is our attempt to limit the casualties, and our insistence that the solution be determined by the Yemenis themselves.


The [Gulf] has a new mode of dealing with Iran, and you may have noticed that they have lost their equilibrium. Did you know that President Rouhani mentioned Saudi Arabia 13 times in his speech? Nothing but Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia... Saudi Arabia and the Gulf have become their nightmare.


You may hold negotiations with people who respect agreements, but the Houthi leader and 'Affash [Ali Abdallah Saleh] are unworthy. They are gangs and are unworthy of being partners to negotiations. They don't even know the basics of negotiations. These people are puppets. I disagree with my colleague Mustafa. Mustafa! There can be no negotiations! Ali Abdallah Saleh should be hanged by the belt of his pants. We should hang him. He is a war criminal. He killed the people. We will hang the Houthi leader by his turban, and stick his Yemeni dagger in the crown of his head. This is what you do with war criminals. If we give them any break and hold negotiations with them, they will form a political party and we will have another Hizbullah, just like in Lebanon. There can be no negotiations. He started the war, and we will end it by bringing it down on his head!