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Nov 25, 2016
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Kuwaiti Preacher and Scholar Tareq Al-Sweidan: The Arab Nation Needs a Long-Term Plan - Like McDonald's; We Need Someone Like Theodor Herzl in Order to Restore the Caliphate

#5816 | 07:55
Source: Online Platforms - "YouTube channel of the Temara Chapter of the Monotheism and Reform Movement in Morocco"

Kuwaiti preacher and scholar Tareq Al-Sweidan talked about the "crisis of backwardness" afflicting the Arab nation, comparing its rate of scientific investment to that of Israel and saying that the Arab nation lacked long-term goals and plans. "It is a disgrace that we as a nation, or as a state, do not have a vision like McDonald's," he said, which has a 20-year vision and a 100-year goal. Al-Sweidan was speaking at the Temara chapter of the Moroccan Monotheism and Reform Movement, which also posted the address on the Internet on November 25. He said the conflict with the "Zionst enemy" was an "existential conflict." "To be or not to be - it is either us or them," he said, adding that "we will destroy them."

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