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Jan 21, 2024
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Kuwaiti Islamic Scholar And Muslim Brotherhood Leader Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan: The Prophet Muhammad Promised Us That We Will Rule The Whole World; I Met Hamas Leader Haniyeh Last Week, He Said Hamas Lost Less Than 20% If Its Power, Is Prepared For A Long Battle That Will Destroy Israeli Society; The Palestinians Are Fighting The Greatest Empires Of The World, Who Support Israel

#11206 | 02:47
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Suwaidan on YouTube"

Kuwaiti Islamic scholar and Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan said at a January 21, 2024 that the Islamic movement is restricted in countries such as Egypt and the UAE, yet enjoys total freedom of movement in Kuwait, Qatar, and Iraq. He said that he recently visited the Islamic movement in Iraq, where they will be holding meetings that will be protected by the Iraqi. In addition, Dr. Al-Suwaidan said Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh told him in a recent meeting that he and the leaders of Hamas do not view the war in Gaza as the liberation of Palestine, but rather as part of the battle between Islam and major global geopolitical forces such as the U.S., Europe, and Russia, and he said that Allah has promised the Muslims that they will emerge victorious over these major powers and will rule the whole world. Video of the lecture was uploaded to the English YouTube channel of Tareq Al-Suwaidan on June 2, 2024.

Tareq Al-Suwaidan, who openly promotes jihad, calling to "let the mujahideen do their work," urges Muslims to plan to "wipe out Israel," and in 2013 was fired from his position as director of the Saudi Al-Risala TV after announcing online that he is a Muslim Brotherhood leader, currently resides in Turkey. He spent several years as an Islamic leader in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was an unindicted co-conspirator in the case against Hamas terrorism funding by the Holy Land Foundation, and has been banned from entering several countries, including the United States and Belgium, for antisemitism and supporting terrorism.

It is worth noting that in July 2024, several Western Islamic Scholars are scheduled to appear as speakers and facilitators the Prophetic Strategy Summit in Turkey. Among the scholars are Omar Suleiman, Haytham Al-Haddad, Sami Hamdi, and Yasir Qadhi. In October 2022, Yasir Qadhi interviewed Al-Suwaidan upon the death of Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi. A special guest at the summit will be Wadah Khanfar, the President of Al Sharq Forum and former Director General of Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar).

Tareq Al-Suwaidan: "Today, the Islamic movement is oppressed in some countries. Not all countries, in some countries. For example, Egypt or [the United Arab] Emirates. It is clearly oppressed, they are in prisons. While they are clearly free to move with no restrictions in Kuwait, in Qatar, in Iraq. The Islamic movement in Iraq, which was crushed by Saddam Hussein, is now... I visited them lately... They would have their meetings, and the official police would protect their meetings.


"You asked me to talk a little bit about some inside information. Of course, there are things I can say and there are things I cannot say. So I was last week with the brother Ismail Haniyeh. Ismail Haniyeh is the leader of Hamas. With all of this bombing, Hamas lost less than 20% of its power. So, it can be a very long battle, and that will destroy the Israeli society.


"I myself and the leaders of Hamas, are not looking at this battle as the liberation of Palestine. The liberation of Palestine cannot be done by a small group. And they are not fighting Israel. They are fighting the major geopolitical forces of the world. They are fighting Israel with all of its support from the greatest empires in the world. Russia has supported Israel for a long period of time. Now America and the Europeans are supporting [it] clearly. So history is repeating itself. Yes, we are a small force within these major players. They cannot remember history. Allah promised us victory over these major powers.


"One of the promises of the Prophet [Muhammad] is that Judgement Day will not happen until Islam prevails and we become victorious and we will rule the whole world. It’s up to you to believe or not. But the [Prophet Muhammad’s] Companions truly believed, and I hope that we truly believe, not in geopolitics, but in the promise of the Prophet [Muhammad]."

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