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Dec 14, 2016
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Kuwaiti MP Waleed Tabtabaie and Colleagues Demonstrate Opposite Russian Embassy: We Spit on Putin and the Russian Ambassador

#5799 | 02:36
Source: Online Platforms - "Video posted on YouTube, aired by Various Kuwaiti Online Outlets"

Waleed Tabtabaie and other Kuwaiti MPs led a demonstration opposite the Russian embassy in Kuwait. In his speech, MP Tabtabaei accused the Arab and Muslims of forsaking the people of Aleppo. MP Tabtabaei threatened to “trample underfoot” rival MP Khalid Al-Shatti – whom he did not name, but referred to as “that purple insect.” Tabtabaie then sent a message to the Russian ambassador and to President Putin: “We spit on you! Ptui!” The video was posted on YouTube and aired by several Kuwaiti online outlets.


Kuwaiti MP Waleed Tabtabaie: "Aleppo did not fall! Aleppo did not fall! Aleppo did not fall! Aleppo will not fall! It is us who have fallen. The Arabs have fallen. The Muslims have fallen. Our rulers have fallen. Aleppo did not fall! In Aleppo, there are children who are like men, women who are heroes, and men who are like mountains. We are the ones who have fallen. Aleppo did not fall!


"Aleppo has committed no treachery. Aleppo has not surrendered. We are the ones who have surrendered. We are the ones who have committed treachery. We have forsaken them. They held steadfast for six years. They held steadfast facing the regime of the criminal Bashar for two years and defeated it. They held steadfast facing Iran and its militias and defeated them. They held steadfast facing Russia and defeated it.


"We are sending a message to the insects in the Kuwaiti parliament. We shall trample that purple insect [MP Khalid Al-Shatti] underfoot. As for the crow cawing from abroad – we will get him through the Interpol, and then, finish off... his voice."


"Our message to the ambassador of the great republic of Russia, the message of the people who have gathered here to the ambassador who hides over there (in the Russian Embassy), is that we spit on you! Ptui! Our message to your president Putin is: We spit on you, Putin! Ptui! That is our message. We have gathered here to convey this message to Putin and to his ambassador."

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