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Jan 31, 2022
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Kuwaiti Journalist Abdallah Muhammad Al-Mulla: The Palestinians Supported Saddam's Invasion Of Kuwait, Hitler During WWII – Now They Support The Houthis, Iran's IRGC; Arabs Today Are Less Inclined To Support The Palestinians Cause

#9340 | 01:25
Source: Online Platforms - "Diwan Al-Mulla on YouTube"

Kuwaiti journalist Abdallah Muhammad Al-Mulla said in a video that was posted to the Diwan Al-Mulla YouTube channel on January 31, 2022 that the Palestinians behave in a fashion that harms their cause rather than advance it. He gave the examples of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem's support for Hitler during WWII, the Palestinians' support for Saddam Hussein and his use of chemical weapons during the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, and the recent demonstration in Gaza in which protesters held up posters of Houthi and IRGC leaders (see MEMRI TV clip no. 9320), who he said are killing the Yemeni people. Al-Mulla said that previous generations of Arabs had supported the Palestinian cause, but that current and future generations of Arabs are less inclined to support the Palestinians because they see them cursing Arab leaders and supporting “killers.”

Abdallah Muhammad Al-Mulla: "One assumes that no nation in the world is more familiar with the pain of occupation than the Palestinian people. Unfortunately, however, the behavior of some Palestinians reflects the exact opposite. If we take a look back at history, we see that the Mufti of Palestine stood with Hitler and against humanity, and in 1990, the Palestinians stood by Saddam Hussein, against Kuwait.

"Not only that, they took to the streets, shouting: 'Saddam, use chemical weapons from Khafji to Dammam.' Sadly, in the streets of Palestine today, they raise poster of the Houthi [leader] and the commanders of the IRGC, who will annihilate the poor and wretched Yemeni people. In conclusion, such mistaken positions and considerations harm the Palestinian cause.

"The Palestinian people are the only ones to be harmed [by this]. Our fathers and forefathers stuck by the [Palestinian] cause because they experienced the Palestinian wars and this cause in all its aspects. The generations of today and of the future, however, see that Palestinians are taking to the streets and cursing [our] leaders, and raise [posters] of [our] killers.

"You need to inspect yourself so that the cause is not lost."

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