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Sep 25, 2005
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Kuwaiti Journalist: Ministry of Interior Should Prevent Filipino Homosexuals from Entering Kuwait

#876 | 03:28

The following are excerpts from a lecture by Kuwaiti Journalist Suleiman Al-Abdallah who spoke on Flash TV on September 25, 2005

I'd like to say that when the Interior Ministry issues visas to those homosexuals, like the ones... I've noticed that many of them are Filipino nationals. Honestly. When they enter the airport... When such a sissy of [uncertain] gender, who brings his diseases to our country... Where are the Interior Ministry and the visa authority? When they see such a sissy, they should say to him: "Come here. Who brought you here, brother? Did a contractor bring you? Please come with us." The immigration official could talk to superiors and say to them: "Listen, this is a sissy."

They say Kuwait is an open country. Fine, it is open – a free and democratic country. But people: At the end of the day, we are Muslims. There are lines which must not be crossed, no matter what. We are Muslims. We bring these sick people here, these diseased people. In their country or in other countries, it is natural. In our Arab and Islamic countries it is unnatural. Our religion forbids this. They come here, and you don't know whether they are women or men. They enter the country, start working, and influence our children and our youth.

Our own people open up hairdressing salons, and employ them, and they call it "massage", in order to make a few dinars. What a disgrace: that's a massage?! The massage I know is the kind you get at a public bath from Iranian masseurs who have hands this big. They say "Yes, sir" and begin to squeeze you. They give you a good wash and a massage, and that's fine. This is a proper massage given by a man to a man, but a wimp of the third gender – you want him to give me or you a massage? Just because it's called progress or civilization? Brothers, this is a disgrace.

My friends have told me things that actually happened... These things should not happen, and are logically, religiously, and legally unacceptable. People, let's be reasonable. Somebody who comes to Kuwait and wants to live a good life – may Allah bless him. Nobody would object to that, and we respect it. But when we get these... Excuse me for using this word... I'm ashamed to say it. I am honestly embarassed to say the word. They come to our country, and you can't tell if it's a man or a woman, and they are corrupting our youth. They walk down the street, striding in a disgraceful manner: [in English] "Hello, sir, how are you?" What is this? That's all we need.

I'm asking the Interior Ministry and especially the investigations department to go to these hairdressing salons and send secret agents to look into what's going on there. If it weren't so shameful – we really small cameras, and we could enter any such place and film what goes on. But we leave it up to the Interior Ministry to check these people, to prevent such moral corruption in places that seem proper and legal on the outside, but inside of which things take place...

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