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May 25, 2022
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Kuwaiti Journalist Jasem Al-Juraid: Kuwait Should Have Peace, Normalize Relations With Israel — Even The Palestinians Have Done This

#9612 | 02:41
Source: Online Platforms - "Diwan Al-Mulla on YouTube"

Kuwaiti writer Jasem Al-Juraid said in a show that was uploaded to the Diwan Al-Mulla YouTube channel on May 25, 2022 that Kuwait should make peace and normalize relations with Israel. He said that even the Palestinians themselves have effectively done this, and that this does not contradict their right to resolving their problems with Israel. Al-Juraid also said that anybody who kills civilians, on either side, should be considered a terrorist. It is noteworthy that in February 2022, Al-Juraid was fired from his position as a journalist for Kuwait's Al-Qabas newspaper after he interacted with an Israeli journalist on Twitter and invited him to visit Kuwait.

Jasem Al-Juraid: "I want to make people see that peace with the State of Israel is derived from liberal philosophy..."

Interviewer: "Why do you call it 'the State of Israel'?"

Al-Juraid: "That's what I call it. In my view, it should be called the State of Israel, and if someone else wants to call it the 'enemy state,' or the 'Zionist entity' — maybe he has his reasons."

Interviewer: "Kuwait still considers Zionism... An enemy state... The Palestinian people are denied their rights..."

Al-Juraid: "I have my freedom of speech. I can go to the United Nations, and see what's written there. If it is called 'the State of Israel,' that's what I am going to call it. Kuwait is a civilized country and it is recognized by the United Nations. The name-calling directed against the State of Israel constitutes a war that prevents the resolution of the problem, in my view.


"The State of Israel has caused no direct harm whatsoever to Kuwait."

Interviewer: "But it has harmed the Palestinian people..."

Al-Juraid: "It has, and the Palestinians have the right to reach any kind of solution. There is no dispute here. But the Palestinian people were harmed by their own leaders more than by Israel? It is not Israel that harmed the Palestinian people. No. They have secret [joint coordination] security meetings.


"They have officially normalized [their relations with Israel]..."

Interviewer: "There is a peace accord..."

Al-Juraid: "Normalization. Not just peace. Normalization. They deal with Israel in each and every aspect.


"We, as Kuwaitis, boycott Israel despite all that distance between us, and we refrain from normalizing our relations or having peace with it, and then I see that the [Arabs] who live there have normalized relations, and even have peace with Israel... What problem do I have with the Israelis? Why can't we, as a civilized country, at least sign peace with the State of Israel, and establish mutual ties?


"The Palestinian people have no rights?"

Interviewer: "It is clear that they have been denied of their rights..."

Al-Juraid: "Why is it so clear? When I look at the Palestinian people... I know Palestinians who work in Israel, and then they return to their homes with their money.


"On both sides, whoever kills a civilian man or woman in the street is a terrorist who must be held accountable."

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