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Aug 15, 2022
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Pro-Jihad Kuwaiti Islamic Scholar And Muslim Brotherhood Leader Tareq Al-Suwaidan: Muslims In The West Should Advocate Against Zionism On University Campuses — Like My Daughter At Harvard

#9784 | 02:50
Source: The Internet - "Sheikh sweidan on YouTube"

Pro-jihad Kuwaiti Islamic scholar and Muslim Brotherhood leader Tareq Al-Suwaidan said in a video posted on his YouTube channel on August 15, 2022 that Muslims in the West should engage in political activism and anti-Zionist advocacy. He described his daughter's anti-Israel activism on the campus of Harvard University, and he said that this is something Arab students can do on college campuses throughout the West. He also said that the Jews comprise only 3% of the U.S. population, yet they are united and control the media and finance industries in the United States, and he said that Muslims in the West should unite and engage in political activism in order to influence their countries to support the Palestinians and "reduce their support for the Zionist entity." For more about Tareq Al-Suwaidan, see MEMRI TV Clips nos. 8842, 5816, 4638, 4361, 3394, 2980, 674.

Tareq Al-Suwaidan: "I lived in America for 17 years, and, Allah be praised, I played a role in supporting the Palestinian cause. In addition my daughter, Mafaz, is now at Harvard University, in Boston. She is the most committed person to the Palestinian cause, and she is involved in dialogue and continuous activities.

"Why did I mention her name? Because she is very active, and young [Arabs] in the West — in Europe or America — can collaborate. This is the first thing you should do, collaborate among yourselves in organizing activities and establishing lobbies.

"Another thing you can do is to try to exert pressure on the universities.

"This was successful in several American and Canadian universities, and ultimately led to these universities boycotting the universities of the Zionist entity. This is one of the significant things you can do.

"There is a huge number of leading actors, athletes, journalists, and even models who are not Muslims but they support the Palestinian cause. But nobody contacts them properly and brings them together. By the way, they are willing to donate millions.


"Muslims constitute about 7% of the population in America, whereas Jews constitute only three percent. However, because they are united, support one another, and of course own the media and the money, they have managed to gain such influence. Obviously, this did not happen overnight. It took them years to build such an empire of media and finance.

"You should begin. You should organize, unite, form an Islamic political party... Well, it doesn't have to be Islamic.

"Join the political parties and exert pressure on the politicians, so that they support the Palestinian cause, and reduce their support for the Zionist entity.

"You must act in the political scene, in addition to the media and the financial realm.

"This is of course in addition to the great efforts, which I have seen myself in the West, whenever something happens in Gaza or elsewhere in Palestine. Then there is great and wonderful support [from the West]. Continue with this, but add to it political activity."

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