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Aug 17, 2020
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Kuwaiti TV Host Fajer Alsaeed: Palestinian Rejection Of UAE Peace Agreement With Israel Is A Historic Mistake

#8222 | 01:49
Source: Scope TV (Kuwait)

Kuwaiti TV host Fajer Alsaeed said in a monologue on an August 17, 2020 episode of her show on Scope TV (Kuwait) that the Palestinians are rejecting the benefits the UAE has achieved on their behalf in its deal with Israel like they had rejected the treaty that Egyptian President Anwar Sadat had signed with Israel.  She said that she hopes that the Palestinians will deal "responsibly" with the current deal between the UAE and Israel and "do away with the revolutionary spirit" that she said no longer suits this day and age.

Fajer Alsaeed: "If the UAE is taking a step that would benefit our Palestinian brothers, but the Palestinians reject this step... Enough! Let them have it their way. It is just like in the case of Sadat. When he signed the peace accord, his terms included not just Egypt but also Palestine. And the Israelis accepted this at the time! It was the Palestinians who rejected the proposal. The Syrians also rejected it, and they acted with stubbornness. Thus the Golan Heights remained under Israeli rule, and the 1967 borders were lost – borders that were already [under Arab rule] with Jordanian guardianship. It is all gone. The [Palestinians] rejected this, so what can you do? The same thing is happening today. If the Palestinians reject the benefits that the UAE managed to achieve for them, there will not be a second chance. I hope that they will deal with it reasonably and do away with the revolutionary spirit that is not suitable for this day and age.


"Our entire life has been shut down by a tiny virus. Look at the world from that perspective, not from the perspective of 50 years ago. The world has changed, but your mentality remains the same. I believe that this is a historic mistake by the Palestinian decision-makers."

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