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Jul 13, 2014
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Kuwaiti Columnist Fouad Al-Hashem: Hamas Uses Palestinian Blood as Fuel to Gain Power

#4412 | 03:26
Source: Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia)

In a recent TV interview, Kuwaiti columnist Fouad Al-Hashem criticized Hamas, saying: "They use Palestinian blood as fuel for their war, in order to reach power," and "If their missiles had been stuffed with falafel rather than dynamite," more Jews would have killed. In the wide-ranging interview, Al-Hashem criticized the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, pointing out that even Western democracies did not permit the rise of Nazi parties. On Syria, he said that Bashar Al-Assad was "the lesser evil," compared to ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra.


Following are excerpts from the interview, which aired on the Saudi Rotana Khalijiyya TV on July 14, 2014:



Fouad Al-Hashem: The problem of the Palestinians is that they always look around to see who is in the wrong, and then go and support them.



Interviewer: Maybe they are looking for someone to pin their hopes on. They have been let down many times by the Arabs...



Fouad Al-Hashem: But as people who have suffered bitterly from the occupation... A Palestinian editor-in-chief of a certain Gulf newspaper – I won't mention names – was asked once why they treated the Kuwaitis the way they did. He answered: "Why should only we Palestinians be refugees? Another nation of Arabs should become refugees, so that we feel comfortable." See what their mentality is like.






I draw a distinction between the wretched people who are being killed and between their Muslim Brotherhood leadership, which seeks nothing but power and influence, and has nothing to do with religion. They use Palestinian blood as fuel for their war, in order to reach power.






Until now, Hamas has fired some 700 rockets at Israel, and not a single Israeli has been wounded. As I tweeted yesterday, if these missiles had been stuffed with falafel rather than dynamite, they would have killed at least five Jews. It's nothing but a farce, and the price is being paid by the Palestinian people.






May Allah bury [the Muslim Brotherhood] in the sands of the Rub' Al-Khali desert, where they would remain buried until Judgment Day.



Interviewer: You call this democratic discourse? What about coexistence and dialogue?



Fouad Al-Hashem: You might as well ask the Americans why they don't allow a Nazi party in the U.S. This is America, a democracy, so how come they don't allow a Nazi party to operate, along with the Democratic and Republican parties? You might as well ask the Germanys why, for all their open-mindedness, they fight the Nazi party. What about respecting dissenting views? What ever happened to democracy? If the Germans, the Americans, and the French do not allow a Nazi party, why should we allow the Nazi party of the Muslims?






Interviewer: [In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood] won the elections...



Fouad Al-Hashem: The Nazi Party in Germany also came to power through elections, but what happened then? 40 million European died.






Interviewer: With regard to Syria, at first you supported the revolution, but you have somewhat changed your mind...



Fouad Al-Hashem: When I saw the lunatics of Jabhat Al-Nusra and all they were doing, and later ISIS surfaced, and then all the lunatics we have in Kuwait – Bashar Al-Assad is an angel compared to these. At least with a Baathist, you can hold a discussion, and maybe you can convince him, or he can convince you... But when a lunatic like that claims to be Allah's caliph upon the Earth, and tells you that you are an infidel, you cannot reach an understanding with him.



Interviewer: So you have reached the conclusion that Bashar is better than those people.



Fouad Al-Hashem: He is the lesser evil.





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