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Jun 13, 2018
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Kuwaiti Analyst Nasser Al-Masri: Iran Is Strategic Enemy of Arab and Islamic Nation, We Must Sever Diplomatic, Economic, and Political Ties with It

#6673 | 01:31
Source: The Internet - "Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV Show"

Kuwaiti analyst Nasser Al-Masri, a member of the Arab Union for Sustainable Development and Environment, warned that Iran is "a strategic enemy of the Arab and Islamic nation" and that in addition to the IRGC, the Iranian army, and the various popular militias, there were pro-Iranian Kuwaitis and other Gulf nationals who were trying to oust the Gulf regimes. "We must sever all ties with [Iran] – our diplomatic, economic, and political ties" and hold any Kuwaiti or other national who supports it on social media networks accountable, he said. Al-Masri made the comments on June 13 on the Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV show.

Nasser Al-Masri: "Iran is a strategic enemy of the Arab and Islamic nation. Any attempt to play this down is futile. Today, Iran is occupying Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen. It is fighting us on our own turf. The IRGC is part of a greater system, which includes the Iranian army, the IRGC, and all the popular organizations: the Popular Mobilization Units, Hizbullah, the Da'wa Party, and the Houthis. They all pose a threat to us."

"That's not all. We have Kuwaitis and people from other Gulf states who belong to them. As proof, look at the Al-Abdali cell [in Kuwait]. They are all trying to oust our regime, the Saudi regime, and the Bahraini regime. Do not underestimate their harm. Iran is our enemy, and we must sever all ties with it – our diplomatic, economic, and political ties. Not only that. We must monitor all the social media networks, and we must hold anybody who supports Iran – Kuwaiti or otherwise – accountable.

"In addition, there are governments that support Iran, one way or the other – the Iraqi government, the Lebanese government, and others. We don't need any of them. We must not support or help them, and we should strive to sever our ties with them. We don't need them. We don’t need Syria or the others, at this stage." 

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