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Dec 02, 2018
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Kuwaiti Political Analyst Meshal Alnami: I Am Opposed To Normalization with Israel, Jews Have a Long History of Betrayal

#6885 | 01:45
Source: The Internet - "Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV Show"

During a December 2, 2018 interview on Diwan Al-Mullah Internet TV (Kuwait), Kuwaiti political analyst Meshal Alnami said that he opposes normalization of ties with Israel because Israel does not abide by international agreements and covenants. He said that the Jews have a long history of treachery, betrayal, discord, and dissent, and added: "We don't even have Jews here, but you can see how they play us." He also said that Palestine will ultimately return to the Islamic nation.


Meshal Alnami: Ties are being normalized with Israel and I am against it for an important reason. The reason is that does not abide by international covenants and agreements. Every day it withdraws from another organization, completely ignoring it. It openly speaks out against UNESCO, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, and many other international institutions, because they made anti-Israel resolutions. So Israel does not acknowledge the international agreements and covenants of which it became signatory when it wanted to become a state, and from which it is now withdrawing. The Jews have a long history of treachery and betrayal. They acted treacherously in Medina in the days of the Prophet Muhammad. This is the history of the Jews. The Jews are people discord and dissent. We don’t even have Jews here, but you can see how they play us. Their discord is at play within society.

Interviewer: All the conspiracies in our region are hatched by Israel.

Meshal Alnami: Today, we allow Israeli tourists and officials to come here. They own or work at media outlets, and they come and go. We are yet to witness the degree of discord and the extent of Jewish evil and deception. These are the reasons that I oppose the normalization.

Interviewer: Ultimately, Palestine will return to the Arab nation.

Meshal Alnami: Victory shall belong to the Islamic nation.

Interviewer: It will return.

Meshal Alnami: Allah willing.

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