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Feb 04, 2016
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Kindergarten Kids Reenact ISIS Massacre during a Children's Show on Hizbullah-Iraq TV

#5326 | 04:39
Source: The Internet

On February 4, Al-Nujaba TV, the TV network of Al-Nujaba Movement, a.k.a. Hizbullah-Iraq, aired an episode of its Children's World show from a kindergarten called the Dijla Kindergarten. During the show, the children reenacted the death of a "martyr" at Camp Speicher. Dressed in military fatigues, one of the boys lay down on the ground and was covered by the Iraqi flag, while a little girl played the role of his bereaved mother. My parents say: "Way to go!" when I recite my lines, they told the host of the children's show.

Program host: "My dear children, we continue with our show 'Children's World.' Let us watch the play put on by the children, about the death of a martyr at [Camp] Speicher. Stay with us and watch the play.


Child 1, playing mother of martyr: "A notice of your death has reached our home. How can I ever believe that you are dead, my dear son? How can I ever believe that you are dead, my dear son?"


Host: "What is your name?"

Child 2: "Yousuf."

Host: "What was your role in the play?"

Child 2: "The martyr."

Host: "A martyr from where?"

Child 2: "Speicher."

Host: "May Allah have mercy upon all the martyrs of Camp Speicher, and grant victory to the Popular Mobilization Units. Let's go back to your role as a martyr – who prepared you for it?"

Child 2: "Miss Rasha."

Host: "Miss Rasha prepared you for it... And when you go home, do you tell your family about your role in the play?"

Child 2: [nods]

Interviewer: "Good. When you go home, do you try to implement, or rather, perform your part?"

Child 2: [nods]

Host: "Good. What do your mom and dad say to you?"

Child 2: "They say to me... They say to me: Way to go, clever boy!"

Host: "Way to go, clever boy! May Allah grant victory to the PMU, avenge the deaths of the martyrs of Speicher, and help Iraq. Allah willing. Let's move to the heroine, who played the devoted mother, despite her young age. She belongs to the generations of the future, and portrays a childish image with all the resolves and traits of shattered motherhood. What's your name?"

Child 1: "Zahraa."

Host: "What role did you play?"

Child 1: "The martyr's mother."

Host: "How did you learn your lines?"

Child 1: "Miss [Rasha] taught me."

Host: "She taught you?"

Child 1: "Yes."

Host: "How many times a day did you practice?"

Child 1: "Twice."

Host: "What do you do when you go home?"

Child 1: "I recite my poetry lines."

Host: "You recite your lines to your mom and dad?"

Child 1: "Yes."

Host: "What do they say to you?"

Child 1: "Way to go, clever girl!"

Host: "How old are you?"

Child 1: "Six years old."

Host: "Six years old... may Allah bless you. Here is another hero in the play. What's your name, dear?"

Child 3: "Sabtein."

Host: "Sabtein, what was your role in the play?"

Child 3 "I played a soldier."

Interviewer: "What lines did you memorize?"

Child 3 "I am a soldier who..."

Interviewer: "Speak up so we can hear you. Here, take the mic."

Child 3 "I am a soldier who has smelled gunpowder since the cradle. Ever since we were small, we have been carrying guns. Ever since we were small, we have been carrying guns. I am the Iraqi soldier, leader of the revolution. When I say 'Oh Ali,' the ISIS members take off their clothes [in surrender]. When I wear my fatigues, the land splits in two. I have carried Iraq on my back far away. I am the Iraqi soldier, the leader of the revolution. I am the Iraqi soldier, the leader of the revolution."

Interviewer: "May Allah bless you, Sabtein. My dear children, this is the sad picture painted by the future generation. We hope that they will always be happy, and that they will become soldiers defending their homeland. Stay with us for the rest of our 'Children's World' show."

Camera pans, showing display of soldier action figures, weapons, etc.

Host: "This brings our show to an end. We would like to thank the Dijla kindergarten and its staff."