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Sep 17, 2020
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Islamic Jihad Official Khaled Al-Batsh: Our Resistance Will Start With Songs And Poems, Which Will Be Followed By Rocks, Knives, Guns, And Rockets

#8292 | 00:52
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Khaled Al-Batsh, a member of the political bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, said in a September 14, 2020 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that the meaning of the "comprehensive resistance" agreed upon by the leaders of the Palestinian factions is that the resistance against Israel would start with the pen, songs, and poems, and would be followed by rocks, knives, guns, and rockets.

Interviewer: "The participants of the historic meeting of [the Palestinian] factions have unanimously agreed to bolster the strategy of 'comprehensive resistance.' This [expression] was mentioned more than once, in various contexts. What is the essence and the structure of this strategy of 'comprehensive resistance'?"


Khaled Al-Batsh: "The way we, as Palestinians, understand 'comprehensive resistance' is that it begins with rocks, the pen, songs, and poems, followed by rocks, knives, guns, and rockets. This is the essence of 'comprehensive resistance' as we understand it. The resistance of the Palestinian people ranges from rocks to rockets."

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