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Apr 20, 2022
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Khaled Al-Azbat, Spokesman Of The Palestinian Popular Resistance Movement In Gaza: There Are No Civilians In Israel; We Do Not Make The Distinction Between Women And Children And the Military

#9511 | 00:45
Source: Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Palestine - Islamic Jihad)

Khaled Al-Azbat, the spokesman of the Palestinian Popular Resistance Movement, said in an April 20, 2022 interview on Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Islamic Jihad – Gaza) that there are no "so-called civilians" in Israel and that even Israeli women and children are part of the military mobilization." He said: "We consider all of them to be plunderers of Palestine and occupiers." For more information about Khaled Al-Azbat, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 6610.

Khaled Al-Azbat: "There is a principle that we all know — there are no so-called 'civilians' in the Zionist entity in Palestine.

"In other words, their children, their women, their plunderers, and their army are all part of the military mobilization. We are dealing with an occupying state that is completely militarized. Therefore, we do not make the distinction between the government and the plunderers. We consider all of them to be plunderers of Palestine and occupiers."

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