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Apr 19, 2019
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UAE Business Magnate Khalaf Al-Habtoor: We Need Peace with Israel and Cooperation Even in Defense; Our Greatest Enemy Is Iran, Not Israel

#7178 | 01:18
Source: Online Platforms - "Habtoor on Twitter"

UAE business magnate Khalaf Al-Habtoor posted a video on social media on April 19, 2019, stating that the Arabs should sign a peace agreement with Israel. Al-Habtoor said that Israel has advanced technology and no other country in the region has a stronger economy. According to Al-Habtoor, the UAE should follow in the footsteps of its neighbors, Jordan and Egypt, and sign a peace agreement with Israel. Al-Haboor added: “We should strike a peace deal with them and establish cooperation in economy, in trade, in agriculture, and even in defense... our greatest enemy is Iran, not Israel.”


Khalaf Al-Habtoor:  Israel is an advance country in terms of science, and electronic technology. No other country [in the region] is as strong economically. What are we waiting for? Egypt and Jordan are our neighbors in the Middle East – they are closer to us than the Maghreb – and they signed an agreement with Israel. We should too. Why shouldn’t we make peace? Let Netanyahu and his people make the decision and we will publicly make peace, instead of always hiding. We should strike a deal with them and establish cooperation in economy, in trade, in agriculture, and even in defense. We should cooperate in all those things. There is nothing to it. We should be clear. The [Israelis] are better than the others. Our greatest enemy is Iran, not Israel.

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