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Jul 20, 2014
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Jordanian TV Host Burns Israeli Flag Live on Air, Demands to Shut Down U.S. Embassy

#4364 | 02:05
Source: 7 Stars TV (Jordan)

During a recent TV, TV host Zoher Al-Azzeh set light to an Israeli flag and spit on it. He called to shut down the U.S. embassy in Amman, which he called "that espionage den," which has become "a center for spying on Jordan and on the phones of the Jordanians."


Following are excerpts from the show, which aired on 7 Stars TV and was posted on the Internet on July 21, 2014.



Jordanian commentator Sheik Trad Al-Fayez: The Jordanian foreign minister must expel the Israeli ambassador. I support the expulsion of the Zionist ambassador. Expel the Zionist ambassador from Jordan! Expel the Zionist ambassador from Jordan!



TV host Zoher Al-Azzeh: Okay, God bless you. I join you in demanding the expulsion of this Zionist criminal, as well as of the espionage den in... Where is it?... In Abdoun? Where is the U.S. embassy? Where is that espionage den located? It's in Deir Ghbar. This den has become a center for spying on Jordan and on the phones of the Jordanians.



Oh top of that, we have heard that some Marines are coming to the embassy, under the pretext that it needs protection. But the truth is that they are bona fide spies.






Dear viewers, we apologize for some of the images that we have shown you, but we had to demonstrate the ugly nature of the occupiers. This is the enemy that we must fight day in and day out. For the sake of Palestine and its children, allow me to burn this filthy flag of the Zionist entity for the whole world to see.



Zoher Al-Azzeh sets light to the Israeli flag



The world should know that the Zionists are our enemies. They are criminal murderers, and we must fight them. We must demand that all the Arab peoples expel them from our countries, beginning with Jordan.



Let us spit on this flag. Tfu.



Another studio guest: Tfu.



Zoher Al-Azzeh: Let's take a break, brothers. Get our guest on the line.





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