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Oct 20, 2014
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Jordanian Theater Stages Anti-ISIS Satirical Play

#4561 | 01:34
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

On October 20, Sky News Arabia aired a report on a Jordanian theatrical group that staged a political satire criticizing the ideology of ISIS.

Following are excerpts:

Reporter: "ISIS and Ghabraa" is a comical political satire, which criticizes the extremist and terrorist ideology of ISIS.

On stage:

"ISIS members": We are ISIS members!

"Jordanian citizens": ISIS! ISIS! ISIS!

"ISIS members": Well said!

Reporter: The play sharply criticizes the ideological disintegration overwhelming the citizens, and the attempts by ISIS to brainwash these citizens, persuading them to adopt the organization's ideology, by exploiting the economic hardships.

On stage:

"Young Jordanian woman": To hell with you.

Theater official: We are living in an atmosphere of extremism. Some terrorist gangs control the political, religious, and social decision-making. They control the region. The silent majority does not know what to do.

Other theater official: The play conveys Jordanian society's fear of ISIS, which is on our borders.

On stage:

"Jordanian citizen": Everybody knows that Islam has five pillars.

"ISIS member": Not true.

Reporter: In another scene, we see a slave market, just like the ones that exist in cities controlled by ISIS. Women are bout and sold here by members of the organization.


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