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Feb 12, 2018
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Jordanian Senator Sakher Dudin: Palestinian Demography Is a Ticking Bomb That Will Eventually Slaughter the Jews

#6451 | 01:48
Source: Jordan Today TV

Calling Israel a "plundering occupier," Jordanian Senator Sakher Dudin said that the nation could "have no greater enemy than the Zionist entity," but that "the average age of the Palestinian grandparent is 40 years" and "this ticking Palestinian demographic bomb will eventually slaughter the Jews." He was speaking on the Jordanian Jordan Today TV channel on February 12.


Following is a transcript:

Host: Do you really feel that Iran is an enemy more hostile than the Zionist entity?

Sakher Dudin: First of all, our nation can have no greater enemy than Israel. That entity is a plundering occupier. That entity was created and planted in the midst of this nation. It is a wedge driven into the heart of this nation, to guarantee its continued ignorance, division, and dispersion.

Four [nations] constitute the pillars of the Islamic East: the Persians, the Kurds, the Turks, and the Arabs. The region cannot prevail without these four pillars.


I believe that these four ethnicities that are present in our region are indigenous, and not foreign or hybrid, which came to us in the form of cancer. The enemy is one, and everybody should focus on that one enemy.


Today, the average age of the Palestinian grandparent is 40 years. There are 38-year-old Palestinians who are already grandparents. This ticking Palestinian demographic bomb will eventually slaughter the Jews. It is already slaughtering Israel. Today, the [Palestinians] need our help so they can remain steadfast on their land.


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