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Nov 03, 2017
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Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal on Manhattan Truck Attack: Such Attacks Will Not Destroy America, Which Will Collapse from Within

#6259 | 02:18
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

Professor Ahmad Nofal of the University of Jordan denounced, in his weekly Yarmouk TV show, the recent truck attack in Manhattan, adding that such attacks would not destroy America. America will "collapse from within," said Nofal, because it has "no moral values." "You call this a president?" he said about POTUS, adding that Harvey Weinstein is "clearly a Jew," and that the Jews were "behind World War I, and caused World War II." The show aired on November 3.

Ahmad Nofal: "The people of Manhattan should be called to join Islam, not be killed. I am not starting a war with the Americans, the English, the French, the Belgians, the Dutch, or the Chinese.


"[Sayfullo Saipov] ran over people and pulled out two guns like a cowboy. He killed 11 people and wounded 30 or 40. This is not allowed by any law, let alone by the great law of Islam.


"America will not be defeated from outside. It will be dismantled from within. Collapse. America will collapse from within. They have countless militias that believe in fighting America from within. It won't happen from outside. Can any Arab country raid America? No. Even Russia cannot. Even China cannot, right now. In 5 or 10 years, China will be able to do it, but not now. Nobody is on a par with America, but it will collapse from within. It has shaky foundations, because it is built on injustice. Anyone following the media can see the scandals of the Republicans and Democrats. You saw the pictures of Trump. What a disgrace! It's unbelievable. You call this a president? America is morally collapsed. In the cinema too... What's his name? Weinstein? Clearly a Jew.


"America's collapse will be from within because it has no moral values. If you kill 10 people America will not collapse. If you kill 10 people, America will not collapse. On the contrary, you will only unite America against your Islamic religion, against your Islamic nation, and against your causes.


"The Jews ignite wars. It is not me who is saying this. Our Lord says this.


"They were behind World War I, and they caused World War II."

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