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Mar 22, 2019
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Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal: Holocaust Was an Illusion; Figure of 6 Million Is a Big Lie

#7122 | 01:44
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

In a March 22, 2019 show on Yarmouk TV (Jordan), Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal said that some Algerian babies are still being born dead or deformed because of France's nuclear tests in the Algerian desert, and he criticized France for refusing to apologize. He suggested that their refusal to apologize is striking because even Europe apologized to the Zionists for "the illusion of the Holocaust," even though the Zionists betrayed Europe and brought Germany to its knees such that Hitler "placed them on trial for treason." Nofal said that the figure of six million Jews killed is "a lie as big as the universe" and that they added a zero to the figure of 600,000 who were actually killed. Later in the show, Nofal said that Trump is a racist and claimed that Trump asked Congress to pass a bill criminalizing "white racism." Nofal added: "You embody Hitler's mentality, Mr. Trump."

Following are excerpts:


Ahmed Nofal: France tested its nuclear bombs in the Algerian desert, and to this day, babies are born dead or deformed. Jacques Chirac or Mitterrand – I forget which one of them visited Algeria – refused to apologize for this. A million and a half martyrs, yet you refuse to apologize? Europe apologized to the Zionists for the illusion of the Holocaust. They betrayed them, sold the secrets of the nuclear bomb, smuggled away money and factories… They brought Germany to its knees, so Hitler treated them as traitors and placed them on trial for treason. The story about six million [Jews killed] is a lie as big as the universe. There were 600,000 at the most. They added a zero.




Trump says: America first, and the white race above all. You are a racist. He is now asking Congress to pass a bill stating that white racism is a crime. You embody Hitler’s attitude, Mr. Trump.

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