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May 19, 2016
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Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal: Jews Were in Charge of the Holocaust

#5512 | 03:32
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

In his weekly lesson, which is broadcast on the Jordanian Yarmouk TV channel, Professor Ahmad Nofal of the University of Jordan said that the Holocaust happened because of the "treachery" of the Jews and that "most of Hitler's ministers who perpetrated the Holocaust were Jews." Citing Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy, he said that the number of Jews killed had been 600,000, and not six million. "They added a zero," he said. Nofal further claimed: "We, the Palestinian people, are the victims of your Nazism... Your Holocaust lasted six months, but ours has been going on for 68 years."


Following are excerpts



Professor Ahmad Nofal: Examine recent history. See how Germany, from the 1950s and to this day, has paid [Israel] over $100 billion. It has paid this sum to Israel as compensation for what? The Holocaust. But why did the Holocaust happen to the Israelites? Because of their treachery. They sold the nuclear secrets to America and Britain. In the middle of the war, they transferred money [out of the country]. They were destroying Germany with their deals, in exchange for a homeland in Palestine- they were allowed to emigrate, and were promised a homeland, in our land, our soil, and our holy places, in Palestine. The [Jews] betrayed Germany, so Germany did... It should be noted that the people in charge of the Holocaust were Jews. Was it a conspiracy with Hitler? Only Allah knows. That would require thorough historical research.



Most of Hitler's ministers who perpetuated the Holocaust were Jews. The Jews say that six million died in the Holocaust and that this is 'non-negotiable'. There can be no negotiations - no discussion - about this. If you say that it was 5,999,995, your head will roll. Roger Garaudy said that it was 600,000 at most. They added a zero. At most! He worked it out with a pen and a piece of paper using their own documents. He said: 'You claim that there were such-and-such gas chambers, and that the full capacity of each chamber was, let's say, 1,000 a day. The number of gas chambers multiplied by the six months that you say it lasted... If we assume that it worked at full capacity, the figure we get is 600,000 maximum. Obviously, Garaudy had to face trial... It's a long story. The same thing happened to British historian [David Irving].






Germany, pay up! It's like Finkelstein said: The Holocaust Industry. It's a Holocaust industry. They milk the Holocaust milch [sic] cow, and they'll continue to do so until Judgement Day. They have made Germany pay, they have made Austria pay. They have made Switzerland pay. They have made Italy pay. The whole world has been made to pay. Well, 1.5 million of us lost their lives in Algeria but we did not get as much as an apology from France. They would not even apologize for the 1.5 million people they killed. We do not want compensation. We cannot even get words, so how could we possibly get dollars? Billions of dollars? Never! The blood of Arabs is worth as little as the blood of mosquitos.






[The Jews say]: We are the victims of Pharoah and the victims of Nazism. Criminals. That's what you are. We, the Palestinian people, are the victims of your Nazism. And of your holocaust against the Palestinian people. Your Holocaust lasted six months, but our holocaust has been going on for 68 years.





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