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Feb 16, 2017
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Jordanian Politician Thaher Ahmad Amr: Israel Will Come to an End on July 13, 2023; Nobody Wants the Jews

#5894 | 03:38
Source: Kaifa TV (Jordan)

Thaher Anmad Amr, founder of the Al-Hayat Jordanian Party, said that "we were given two promises. The first was about the arrogant rise of those Jews, and we were given another promise about their annihilation." In an interview that aired on the Jordanian Kaifa TV channel on January 16, Amr predicted, on the basis of "numerical, religious, intellectual, and political conclusions," that the state of Israel would come to an end on Wednesday, July 13, 2023. "By God, I see the annihilation of Israel as clearly as I see you," he told the interviewer.


Thaher Anmad Amr: "We were given two promises. The first was about the arrogant rise of those Jews, and we were given another promise about their annihilation."


Interviewer: "Yes."


Thaher Anmad Amr: "In my opinion we are currently living in the days of the first promise – the arrogant rise of the Jews."


Interviewer: "Their 'rise' means their political, military, economic and intellectual control."


Thaher Anmad Amr: "A symbol of their rise is Netanyahu's visit to the White House, when he went to America and entered the U.S. Congress, without Obama's permission. He entered the Congress, and delivered a speech like one of America's great heroes – and it is said that they applauded him 26 or 28 times – and he left – just like he entered – without permission of the owner.




"Before the Jews came to Palestine – it was quite recently – restaurants in Europe and America had signs reading: 'No entry for Blacks, dogs and Jews.' It was quite recently. They could not appear in public – not in the Arab and Islamic world and not in the West. They were like evening bats if you get my drift. Their arrogant rise began when they came to Palestine.




"(Our) nation will never prevail as long as a single Jew rules a single square kilometer of the land of Palestine.




"I have written an article, in which I wrote that Wednesday, July 13, 2023, will be the end of the State of Israel."


Interviewer: "2023?"


Thaher Anmad Amr: "That’s right. Or maybe it was 2022..."


Interviewer: "And you still believe in that?"


Thaher Anmad Amr: "Absolutely. I'm convinced they will be annihilated but..."


Interviewer: "Yes, but in what year?"


Thaher Anmad Amr: "This is not in the Quran or the Hadith. These are my own conclusions – numerical, religious, intellectual and political conclusions."


Interviewer: "Are you absolutely positive that the Jews will be annihilated?"


Thaher Anmad Amr: "By God, I see the annihilation of Israel as clearly as I see you. This state is transient. It does not have foundations, get it? It does not have roots, so it will be easily annihilated.




"There are six million Jews currently living on the land of historical Palestine, and on the other hand there are six million Muslims.




"Those six million (Jews) gathered from all corners of the Earth, and none of them knows who his great-great-grandfather was. They are all living on this land. The six million (Palestinians) don't want the six million Jews there, and neither do the 350 million Arabs... I'm talking about the peoples, not the 500-or-so leaders... The majority of the Arab peoples don't want those Jews. The Muslims, generally speaking, don't want the Jews either, and nor do the free people anywhere in the world. The people who have suffered at their hands do not want the Jews. Therefore, in my opinion, they can subsist only by destroying us, by destroying our homes, by..."


Interviewer: "Through discrimination."


Thaher Anmad Amr: "They succeeded in stealing the land of Palestine in its entirety from us. They have stolen and plundered our history. The only thing they cannot steal is the genes in our blood. They cannot steal the Palestine that is within our genes."



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