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Jun 16, 2020
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Jordanian MP Yahya Al-Saud: A Military Conflict With Israel Should Be A Strategic Option; If We Don't Die For Palestine And Jerusalem, What Is The Point Of Life?

#8095 | 02:39
Source: Roya TV (Jordan)

Jordanian MP Yahya Al-Saud, the Head of the Jordanian Parliament's Palestine Committee, said in a June 16, 2020 interview on Roya TV (Jordan) that he believes every Jordanian citizen would be ready to fight against Israel. He said that Jordan should have the option of military confrontation with Israel and that it should support and "unleash" the option of resistance against Israel. In addition, Al-Saud referred to America as the Great Satan and he said that the Israelis are liars, deceivers, crooks, and punks. Calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Jordan, the withdrawal of the Jordanian ambassador to Israel, and the annulment of Jordan's peace agreement with Israel, he added: "If we don't die for Palestine and for Jerusalem... then what is the point of life?" Al-Saud also said that since Jordan defends its 365-kilometer-long border with Israel, it is Jordan that is protecting Israel and not the other way around.

Yahya Al-Saud: "If it is declared that we are ready to fight this enemy [Israel], I swear that no Jordanian citizen will refrain from joining. I swear by Allah because I see the reactions of the public.


"What was taken by force will only be restored by force. Today, we must have the military option as a strategic option. We should also [support] the resistance option. Why should we drop this option? Let me give you an example. Suppose someone occupies your home and in the morning, you give him water, Pepsi, and sandwiches. He will want to continue to occupy your home. But if you mess with his car today, break the windows in his home tomorrow, and smack his son on the head - he will have to respond. If I may, why do we put the men of the resistance in prison? We should unleash the option of resistance and turn it into a strategic option."


Host: "You are saying that the military option is a strategic option today..."

Al-Saud: "It should be a strategic option. Yes. What did His Majesty mean when he told reporters there would be a conflict? The way I see it, conflict is a big word. Conflict can be a military conflict and why shouldn't it be? We lack nothing. We have determination and power. We know that if we die we go to Paradise, but if they die, they go to Hell.


"Do [Israelis] respect agreements? They are liars. They are deceivers. They are crooks. They are punks. They are supported by the United States. The Great Satan supports them.


"When the King talked about conflict - I hope that he meant a military conflict.


"If we don't die for Palestine and for Jerusalem, and in defense of our honor, and the honor of our women, then what is the point of life?


"[The PM should declare:] 'I have decided to expel the Israeli ambassador from Amman.' Every Jordanian will salute him. I will be the first one to salute him, with both my hands. I would do it as a Jordanian citizen. Summon our ambassador back from Tel Aviv. What are you waiting for? Annul this shameful agreement! Annul it! What do we need it for? What good has it brought us, anyway? Can you tell me, as a Jordanian citizen, what we have gotten out of this false agreement of deceit? Has it protected us from Israel? We are the ones defending Israel, not the other way around. Israel has an interest in peace with Jordan because we protect a 365-kilometer-long border. We are the ones protecting them, not the other way around."

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