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Mar 28, 2019
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Jordanian MP Tarek Khoury Calls for Attacks on Israeli Military Bases within 1967 Borders: They Are Easy to Enter, Emergency Responders Take Time to Arrive

#7129 | 01:38
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Jordanian MP Tarek Sami Khoury said in a March 28, 2019 interview on Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) that Israel is a cowardly enemy and that the Palestinian people should take advantage of this fact. He said that Omar Abu Layla, the Palestinian terrorist who murdered two Israelis, a soldier and a civilian, in the West Bank on March 17, 2019, proved that any Palestinian can carry out such attacks. Khoury called for more attacks throughout the West Bank and Israel, particularly within the 1967 borders. He said that it often takes reinforcements and emergency responders a long time to arrive on the scene, and that military bases within the 1967 borders are easy to enter.


Tarek Sami Khoury: In my opinion, [Israel] is a cowardly enemy. If we're talking about its policies and its history… It is all acts of cowardice and weakness, and the acts of an occupier that uses every kind of… We saw with our own eyes how 10 soldiers are scared of one person or one child. In my opinion, our people need to take advantage of this. Omar Abu Layla proved that, as one person in a group of armed soldiers, he was able to carry out a remarkable action. Those who know Palestine [know] that such groups of occupation soldiers can be found in different places inside Palestine and within the 1967 [borders]. The nearest reinforcements are tens of kilometers away. Such [attacks] should repeat themselves. I'm taking advantage of my presence here – what Omar Abu Layla did should repeat itself because there are Zionist military zones within the 1967 borders that are easy to enter and where it is easy to do what Omar Abu Layla did, because it will take a long time for emergency responders to get there. We are talking about a cowardly enemy, and Omar Abu Layla proved that every Palestinian on Palestinian land can do what he did. I hope that such things will repeat themselves,  because, as I said, this is a cowardly enemy, and justice is not on their side.

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