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Mar 15, 2007
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Jordanian MP Mahmoud Kharabshe: Saddam's Regime Was Much Better than the Current "American" Regime in Iraq

#754 | 02:30
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Jordanian MP Mahmoud Al-Kharabshe, which aired on Iqra TV on June 30, 2005.

Host: Do you oppose the American-sponsored reformist revolution?

Kharabshe: America is not sponsoring a reformist revolution.

Host: How you say this, when Condoleezza Rice comes over, speaks of reform, and beats the drums of democracy?

Kharabshe: Excuse me, America sponsors a revolution that destroys morals, curricula, religion, values, and everything related to Islam and to the values of manliness.

Host: Prove it...

Kharabshe: I will prove it to you. When America interferes in what happens in mosques, and allows a woman like Amina Wadud to preach, moving her to a church because the Muslims refused to pray behind her - what would you call this? Moreover, how would you the policy of America - which came to the region under the pretext of reform and democracy - in Iraq, Guantanamo, and Abu Ghureib? How would you describe the bombings, the killing, the terror, and the destruction that occur in sister Iraq? What about the exploitation of its natural treasures, and the taking over of the oil wells?

Host: America and the Arab media claim that this was an operation to rid the Iraqi people of dictatorship.

Kharabshe: The Iraqi dictatorship was much better than the American dictatorship. The previous dictatorship never reached the point of harming the Muslims' dignity, attacking them and their freedom, oppressing and persecuting them, and unleashing dogs upon them.

Host: You think Saddam's regime was better than the current one?

Kharabshe: Much better. I emphasize that it was much better. America came to the region under the pretext of WMD and of a dictator they wanted to remove. I challenge America: Saddam Hussein has been gone for two years, so why is it still in the region, and why is it occupying Iraq to this day, strengthening its presence in Iraq, establishing bases in Iraq, and trying to take over the oil wells and natural resources in Iraq? Moreover, it's instigating civil strife among Iraqis, and trying to create many mini-states, to divide Iraq, and to disintegrate the unity of its land and people.

America came to this region to weaken the nation. I told you that Warren Christopher, the former Secretary of State, who served under Clinton, was candid. He said America wants to create 500 countries in the world, none of which would have the characteristics of America. America is the great empire that rules the world. They sow civil strife and hatred, and want to divide the world's countries so that they can rule and accomplish their goals.

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