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Oct 28, 2004
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Jordanian MP: I Support Kidnapping American and British Soldiers; Mossad Responsible for Attacks in Iraq

#314 | 01:08:00
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Following are excerpts of an interview with Dr. 'Adnan Hasouna Jordanian MP.

Dr. 'Adnan Hasouna: The kidnapping of American and British occupation soldiers and their allies – we support these kidnappings, because they will accelerate the end of the occupation. They will add to the pressure on the occupying countries and on the countries that collaborate with the occupation, to withdraw their forces from Iraq. As for those civilians who do not collaborate with the occupation, kidnapping or harming them, we believe, is not legitimate and should not occur. However, due to the chaotic security situation in Iraq, which stems from the occupation, all these operations occur. But it is impossible to say that all these operations are the work of the resistance. The Israeli Mossad, the Jewish Mossad, and others strive to distort the image of Islam by striking the National Guard soldiers and civilians.

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