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Mar 19, 2020
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Jordanian MP Mohammed Hodeib: Arafat Used to Support Hamas Logistically And Then He Would Denounce Their Attacks

#7912 | 01:05
Source: Alkofiya TV (Palestine)

Jordanian MP Mohammed Hodeib said in a March 19, 2020 interview on Alkofiya TV (Palestine) that if Yasser Arafat were alive today, there would be no rift between Fatah and Hamas, since Arafat believed that all the Palestinian factions could advance the goals of the Palestinian revolution. Hodeib added that Arafat used to provide logistical and material support to Hamas and then he would denounce their attacks in Israel.


Interviewer: "I have to ask you a hypothetical question, although I don't like questions of this kind. How would things look if the late Yasser Arafat were alive today?"

Mohammed Hodeib: "If Arafat were here, there would not be a [Hamas-Fatah] rift to begin with. Arafat would always say: 'May 1,000 flowers bloom, as long as they bloom in the garden of the Palestinian revolution.' We can have Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and all the other parties, but they all dovetail into the garden that is the Palestinian revolution. They share the same plan... Who provided Hamas with logistical and material assistance if not Arafat? He would provide them with all this and then he would denounce [their attacks]."


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