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Jul 18, 2018
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Jordanian MP Ghazi Al-Hawmlah Faces Disciplinary Action for Criticizing Queen Rania in Parliamentary Session

#6686 | 02:51
Source: Roya TV (Jordan)

On July 18, Jordanian MP Ghazi Al-Hawmlah made statements deemed offensive to Queen Rania of Jordan during a special session of the parliamentary House of Representatives, which had convened to deliberate the government's policy statement. Al-Hawmlah said that he was unaware of any nation – among humans or in nature – that had two monarchs. "Even in the beehive... there is only one queen," he said, questioning the policy that enabled "tens of thousands of foreigners and non-Arabs" to work in royal institutions and saying that Jordanians should get priority in such positions. After Al-Hawmlah stepped down from the podium, Parliamentary Speaker Atef Tarawneh said that the comments would be removed from the protocol, because "offending the queen from this podium is not permitted." "There is only one king, Ghazi. Only one king. Only one king," Tarawneh emphasized. Al-Hawamlah’s remarks were posted on YouTube by the Jordanian Roya TV. It was later reported in the Jordanian media that Al-Hawmlah would face disciplinary action.

Ghazi Al-Hawmlah: "We respect the palace institution and hold it in high esteem, and we consider the Hashemite regime to be the pillar of stability in this country, but the current mixing of those authorities of the queen with those of the king is seen by some as a burden on Jordan and its policy.


"In all honesty, I have not found among any of the nations – not in sea nor on land, not among the birds nor among the reptiles, not among jinns nor among humans – any case of a kingdom that is run by two kings, any kingdom run by two queens, or any kingdom run by a king and a queen. Even in the beehive, [the design] of which is guided by the Lord, there is only one queen. In all honesty, this is what is going on in the hearts and minds of the Jordanians. I have a legal and constitutional duty, given my oath to protect the constitution, [to say] that the government must exercise its sovereignty over appointments. We have many institutions, like the palaces and the royal court, in which tens of thousands of foreigners and non-Arabs are working. I am not opposed to this, but [Jordanians] should get priority.


"I pray for Allah to inflict stupid Trump upon anyone who took the people's money."


Atef Tarawneh: "Thank you, Ghazi. Thank you very much. You said that there are two monarchs. This is unacceptable. This kingdom... Indeed, these, comments will be removed from the protocol. Offending the queen from this podium is not permitted. There is only one king, Ghazi. Only one king. Only one king."

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