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Mar 17, 2022
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Jordanian Islamic Scholar Said Radwan: Al-Andalus (Spain), Crimea, East Turkestan, Other Places Are Islamic Lands, Just Like Palestine; They Should Be Under Islamic Rule

#9478 | 02:00
Source: Al-Waqiyah TV (Lebanon)

Jordanian Islamic scholar Said Radwan said in a March 17, 2022 interview on the Hizb ut-Tahrir-affiliated Al-Waqiya TV (Lebanon) that any country that was ruled by Islamic law in the past is in fact Islamic land and that it should be returned to Islamic rule and the enemy that attacked these countries must be driven out. He said that this pertains to places such as Al-Andalus (Spain), Crimea, East Turkestan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere just as it pertains to Palestine.

Said Radwan: "Every country that was ruled by Islam [in the past], and where the shari'a was implemented is an Islamic country."


"When such a country is attacked by an infidel country like Britain, France, or any other country - what is the ruling of the shari'a? There is a consensus among Muslim jurisprudents that it is obligatory for Muslims to defend that country and repel the attacking enemy."


Interviewer: "Muslims now understand that this is true for Palestine. They understand that this country must be liberated and returned to the Muslims. But they do not think this way about other countries, like Al-Andalus, which is Spain today."


Radwan: "Palestine is no different from Al-Andalus, Pakistan, East Turkestan and the Uyghurs, or from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Crimea, and other places. Palestine is an Islamic country, and so are those countries.


"Al-Andalus is an Islamic country and Palestine is an Islamic country as well, and as I said, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and other countries are all Islamic countries. They were ruled by Islam. Therefore, they should return to Islamic rule, and the enemy that attacked these countries should be driven out."

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