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Oct 11, 2014
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Jordanian Cleric: No Monkey-Worshipping Country Was Left Out of the Satanic Coalition

#4559 | 03:43
Source: Online Platforms

In a recent Friday sermon, Jordanian cleric Bilal Al-Qasrawi said: "Not a single infidel, heretic, polytheist, or monkey-worshipping nation was left out of this coalition," which is led by the "head of heresy, America." Al-Qasrawi said that the "Satanic alliance" was waging a "world war, unprecedented in the [history] of Mankind." The sermon was posted on the Internet on October 11.

Following are excerpts:

Bilal Al-Qasrawi: Allah is greater than America, Allah is greater than Britain, France, Russia, China, and the Arab and Muslim tyrants. Allah is the greatest! At this very moment, the enemies of Islam and the Muslims are raining their fire down on the Muslims in Syria and in Iraq, under the pretext of fighting terrorism. What "terrorism" are they talking about?

When the U.S. formed its Satanic coalition under the pretext of fighting the Islamic State organization, it brought together more than 50 countries. If we add to these countries the Bashar Al-Assad regime, the Iranian regime, and the Lebanese regime, which are slaughtering the people of Syria, it amounts to a world war, unprecedented in the [history] of Mankind, waged by a Satanic alliance, fighting a single organization.


Ever since the Caliphate was destroyed a hundred years ago, the Islamic nation has suffered enslavement, humiliation, and disgrace. Its holy places have been plundered, ever since its leader, its state, and its shari'a were gone.


The banner of the prophet Muhammad was raised in the revolution of the nation. From the very start, there were chants: "This revolution is for the sake of Allah." "Allah is greater than all the tyrants and despots." "No to democracy." "No to pan-Arabism." "Not to nationalism." The infidel and colonialist West and East have gone berserk.


Thus, the Crusader-Buddhist-Hindu-African coalition was formed. All the nations of heresy have joined the coalition, led by the head of heresy, America. Not a single infidel, heretic, polytheist, or monkey-worshipping nation was left out of this coalition.


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