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Aug 06, 2021
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Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal: The Israelis Will Yet Rue The Day They Were Born – The Arabs Will Eat Them Alive

#9021 | 01:01
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

Jordanian professor Ahmad Nofal said that a "dark future" awaits the Israelis, and they will yet rue the day they were born. He made these remarks on a show that aired on Yarmouk TV (Jordan) on August 6, 2021. Professor Nofal further said that if the Arab people become liberated, they will "eat them [the Israelis] alive." He added that the Arabs are restrained by a bridle of fire, but they are like volcanoes, and they will not remain restrained for long.

Ahmad Nofal: "Tomorrow, the Israelis will learn what dark future awaits them. They will rue the day that their mothers gave birth to them, as well as the day they were tempted by British, French, and American colonialism that brought them to our country. If the [Arab] people become liberated, they will eat you alive. The people are restrained with a bridle of fire, but this bridle will not last forever. The people will not remain bridled. No! The Arab people are made of fire and volcanoes. They are not donkeys and horses."

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