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May 17, 2021
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Jordanian Parliament Session On Israel-Hamas Fighting: MPs Call To Annul Accords, Agreements With Israel, Target Zionists All Over The World, Praise Hamas Rockets; The Jews Are Slayers Of Prophets, Cowards, Their Soldiers Wear Diapers; The Criminal Zionist Sons of Apes And Pigs Commit War Crimes

#8875 | 02:47
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

The Jordanian parliament held a special session to discuss recent fighting between Israel and Hamas. The session aired on Palestine TV on May 17, 2021. During the session, Jordanian MP Safaa Momani called for an annulment of all agreements with Israel, "because the Jews are the slayers of prophets, who have betrayed all the pacts and contracts." Jordanian MP Firas Al-Qudah said that the "Zionist enemies" should be targeted in every corner of the world. Jordanian MP Saleh Al-Armouti commended Hamas and its rockets, and said: "Power to Hamas is power to the Jordanian state." Jordanian MP Suleiman Abu Yahya said that Allah cursed the Jews in the Quran, and that the Jews fear the Palestinians more than they fear Allah. He added that the Jews are cowards and that their soldiers wear diapers. Jordanian MP Salamah Al-Bluwi said that the criminal Zionist sons of apes and pigs are carrying out war crimes against the Palestinians.

Saleh Al-Armouti: "I salute Hamas and its rockets, which have restored our honor and our glory, in light of the Arab, Islamic, and international apathy. All the Arab regimes have neglected the Palestinian cause.


"Why don't you reach out to Hamas? Power to Hamas is power to the Jordanian state."


Suleiman Abu Yahya: "The Jews, Allah's curses upon them, are described in the Quran as the slayers of the prophets.


"They are the humiliated people, and not the Chosen People, as they claim.


"The Jews fear the Palestinians more than they fear Allah. The Jews are cowards. The video footage we see from inside Palestine attests to that. The diapers that the Israeli soldiers wear attest to that. May Allah curse them and their diapers."


Safaa Momani: "We, the Arabs and the Muslims must support [the Palestinians] for real, rather than make do with condemnations. We must annul all the accords and agreements, because the Jews are the slayers of the prophets, who have betrayed all the pacts and contracts. From the beginning of time, they had no respect for treaties. They violated their pact with the Prophet Muhammad, so why do we expect them to abide by their promises? All our agreements with them should be annulled."

Salamah Al-Bluwi: "What happened and is happening in occupied Palestine constitutes a war crime by the criminal Zionists, the sons of apes and pigs, Allah's curses and curses by the Prophet Muhammad upon them. They must stop their brutal assaults at once. Our conflict with the Jews is of a historical, religious nature. The Jews do not abide by any agreement, contract, or pact."

Firas Al-Qudah: "This is a message to all the honorable people in the world. They should treat the Zionist enemies with reciprocity. They should target them wherever they may be, in any corner of the world. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and the blame lies with whoever started it.


Zoheir Al-Saideen: "There can be no peace with this enemy. With these enemies there must be no peace or negotiations, because they are lowlifes who violated their pact with the Prophet Muhammad."  

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