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Jul 17, 2017
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Former Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood MP Hamza Mansour: I Praise Martyrdom Operations Even If Carried Out by Five-Year-Olds

#6126 | 01:04
Source: Jordan Today TV

Former Jordanian MP from the Muslim Brotherhood Hamza Mansour said that he praised any martyrdom operation, “even if it is carried out by a five-year-old child.” During a discussion of the July 14 Jerusalem terror attack and the ensuing security measures imposed by Israel at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Mansour said that he salutes “anyone who wages resistance against the occupation, with the wheel of a car, knives, or hand-made weapons.” The show aired on Jordan Today TV on July 17.


Hamza Mansour: Generally speaking, the position of the Arab [leaders] is pathetic. I believe that some of the Arabs have given the green light to Netanyahu to do whatever he likes in Jerusalem and in Palestine.




I salute all the resistance movements in Palestine - Hamas, the PFLP, the Islamic Jihad, and Fatah, and anyone who wages resistance against the occupation, using any means available - the wheels of a car, knives, hand-made weapons... I salute them.




I praise any martyrdom operation, even if it is carried out by a five-year-old child. Brothers, Palestinian children grow up quickly, because they are born from the womb of misery and oppression.



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