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May 17, 2021
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Jordanian MP And Former Minister Abdulkarim Al-Doghmi: 'A Popular War Of Liberation Is The Only Way To Liberate Palestine'; We Should Provide The Palestinian Fighters With Men, Weapons

#8849 | 01:57
Source: Jordan TV

Jordanian MP and Former Minister Abdulkarim Al-Doghmi said that "a popular war is the only way to liberate Palestine." He made his remarks during parliamentary session that aired on Jordan TV on May 17, 2021. Al-Doghmi said that the "Israeli enemy understands only the language of force" and that Israel will never agree to a two-state solution. He added that if this Intifada is developed into an armed Intifada, then the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem is near. Al-Doghmi suggested that Jordan send the Palestinian fighters men and weapons for this purpose.

Abdulkarim Al-Doghmi: "There is no other solution but [to use] force. This [Israeli] enemy understands only the language of force. I have been saying for a long time that a popular war of liberation is the only way to liberate Palestine. From the day that…"

Parliamentarian: "Allow our colleague to finish."

Abdulkarim Al-Doghmi: "Since the 1991 [Madrid] Peace Conference, it has been exactly 30 years. For 30 years, we have been chasing the illusion of the two-state solution. Israel will never agree to a two-state solution. What is happening now in Palestine is making me say that the liberation of Jerusalem and the liberation of Palestine are near, if we develop this Intifada into an armed Intifada, and into a popular war of liberation, and if we support and provide money, weapons, and men to those [Palestinian] fighters who are steadfast on their land, who endure martyrdom, endure being killed, endure being arrested, and all the things that the Zionist authorities are doing in this dire situation. I'd like to keep this short. You all know this. Yes, we should provide them with the men they deserve, and anyone who wants to volunteer to this war. We should provide them with weapons and with everything we can, so that they manage to liberate Palestine. By Allah, I believe this is near."

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