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Apr 02, 2017
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Jordanian TV Series on "Protocols of Elders of Zion": The Abhorred, Treacherous Jews Are the World’s Masters, Corrupters, Executioners

#6002 | 05:41
Source: Prime TV (Jordan)

In April, the Jordanian Prime TV channel broadcast a three-part series on "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", moderated by Prime TV and Dyar Media General Director Ayed Alqam, who is also a film director and actor. In the series, Alqam said that the Jews are "an ostracized and abhorred people", well known "for their lying, fraud, and deception, and their sowing of strife." Alqam cited the "Protocols" as saying: "We are the world's masters and corrupters. We are behind all the strife in it, and we are its executioners too."



Ayed Alqam: The Ottomans ruled the lands between the Nile and the Euphrates at the time, or rather, the lands between the Nile and the Euphrates belonged to the Ottomans, and this is exactly what the Jews dream about.




The Jews began to migrate from Eastern Europe to Western Europe. Since the Jews are an ostracized and abhorred people, which posed a threat for the security of these countries, and since they were well known for their lying, fraud, and deception, and for their sowing of strife, these countries were afraid of this treacherous people. They had to find a solution for this people. They wanted to get rid of them any way possible.




A number of writers wrote The Protocols. The Jews would fight this book, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Whenever a copy was published, they burnt it, so that the world would not find out about their infernal criminal conspiracies.




They say: "We, the Jews, are none other than the masters of the world." This is in their book, The Protocols of Zion. In a more elaborate manner, they say: "We are the world's masters and corrupters. We are behind all the strife in it, and we are its executioners too."




"The First Protocol: Anarchy, Liberalism, Revolutions, and Wars. The bottom line is that it is better for us for conflicts, violence, and terror to prevail.  Freedom is not a fact. It is an idea that we use as a bait to lure the masses." This is part of the first protocol. Indeed, this is what happened in the [Arab] revolutions - freedom, freedom, freedom.




"The Fourth Protocol: Destroying Religion and Controlling Trade. We will place the people who are governed by belief under the protection of their religious authorities, and we will finish them off. The Orthodox Church, the Papal Church... We will control the economy and acquire all the money, so that all the world's resources will belong to us and nobody else. Rivalry between traders will grow, so that they will lose their moral values, and will become hard-hearted people, who hate religion and politics." This is what we are undergoing now. This is part of the fourth protocol. We will continue, but I would just like to note, dear viewers, that we are suffering from the high cost of living. The cost of living in all the Arab countries is high. Everybody is complaining about the high cost of living, all over the Middle East, as well as about the greed of the traders and their monopoly on food supplies. The [fourth] protocol is being implemented. People have forgotten religion for the sake of money.




The seventh protocol talks about igniting world wars: "In order to achieve this, we must have a mighty army and a loyal police force. We will declare war against any country that opposes us. If our neighbors betray us and join forces against us..." In this protocol, they talk about what happens if countries join forces against them. If they fight a country and its neighbors join it, or join forces with it... In this case, there would be a war. They say that they would ignite a world war. Let me reassure the Arabs that there will not be a World War III, because the protocol clearly states: "In the event that the Arab countries join forces..." Naturally, it is impossible for the Arab countries to join forces,  and therefore there will never be a world war.




At the end of the seventh protocol, it says: "If everybody joins forces with Europe against us, we will retaliate with American, or Chinese, or Japanese cannons."



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