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Aug 18, 2017
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Jordan Friday Sermon by Sheikh Omar Ibrahim 'Adi: Barcelona Attack Fabricated by West, Like 9/11

#6167 | 02:21
Source: The Internet - ""Amer Movies" on YouTube"

During a Friday sermon delivered at the Osama Ibn Zayd Mosque in Amman, Jordan, Sheikh Omar Ibrahim 'Adi said that the "Barcelona Raid" was planned by the West in order to set Islam back by 20 years. "They see that Europe is being invaded by Islam. So what do they do? They get someone to carry out a 'heroic' attack here and there," he said. Sheikh 'Adi further said that the West propagated the "lie about 9/11." "The Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11," he said. "9/11 was set up… in order to deal a blow to Islam." The sermon was posted on the "Amer Movies" account on YouTube on August 18.

Sheikh Omar Ibrahim 'Adi: "The 'Spain Raid,' if you may, or 'Barcelona Raid,' which occurred yesterday, is now being compared by some to the Battle of Uhud or the Battle of Badr, no less. A guy ran over a group of tourists of about 20 different nationalities. The West employs double standards. The West wants to polish its image and push Islam 20 years back. They see that the Muslims are active in delivering sermons, in holding press conferences, in preaching Islam... They see that Europe is being invaded by Islam.

"So what do they do? They get someone to carry out a 'heroic' attack here and there. See what the 20 home countries of the dead and wounded say about Islam, and see the state of the Muslims in those 20 countries. When the Americans killed some of our [Muslim] students in the U.S., when our mosques in Holland were burned down, and when they did what they did to Muslims in Canada or Australia, they said: 'These were attacks by individuals and have nothing to do with us.' But what do they say about that 'hero' who ran over the tourists! Islam! They say that they are being attacked because Islam is tantamount to terrorism.


"They propagated the lie about WMDs in Iraq, the lie about WMDs in Libya, the lie about 9/11... Well, things have begun to turn clear. The Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11. Nobody had. 9/11 was set up in order to accomplish certain goals, in order to deal a blow to Islam, to push Islam back, or in order to rob and plunder the resources of the Muslims."

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