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Apr 08, 2021
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Jordanian Analyst Muhammad Faraj Blasts UAE Holocaust Memorial Ceremony: It Is An Attempt To Cover Up The Real Massacres Perpetrated Against Arabs, Palestinians

#8784 | 01:50
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Jordanian analyst Muhammad Faraj denounced a Holocaust memorial ceremony held in the UAE, saying that restoring the memory of the Holocaust is a UAE attempt "to cover up the real massacres" perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinians and Arabs. He made his remarks in an interview that aired on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) on April 8, 2021. Faraj said that Israel does not have the right to "play the victimhood card." He quoted Jordanian poet Assad Qasim, who wrote: "I was not a guard in Auschwitz, oh child killer." Faraj then continued to criticize the ceremony holders for lighting six candles to commemorate the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, saying that it is a "Zionist strategic policy" to focus on only six million of the 42 million who were killed during World War II. He continued to say that "senior writers and historians" such as holocaust deniers Roger Garaudy and David Irving have said this figure is "incorrect." Faraj added that some people say that only hundreds of thousands of Jews died in the war, while others say that the majority of deaths were due to illness such as typhus.

Narrator: "Tel Aviv is rejoicing today. For the first time in an Arab country, Holocaust memorial ceremonies were held in the UAE, with the participation of Emiratis and Israelis. They commemorate the so-called jewish Holocaust, while ignoring the holocaust of the Zionist enemy against the Palestinians."

Muhammad Faraj: "Commemorating the Holocaust is an Emirati attempt to bring the occupiers victimhood to the forefront, in order to cover up the real massacres that were perpetrated against the Palestinians and the Arabs, and which are still taking place here and now.


"Under no circumstances does Israel have the right to play the victimhood card - especially not here in the East. As the Jordanian poet Assad Qasim said: 'I was not a guard in Auschwitz oh child killer.' The second depiction included in the message [of the ceremony] has to do with the lighting of six candles, symbolizing six million [Jewish victims]. It should be noted that the death toll in World War II was 42 million. Focusing on a specific group is a Zionist strategic policy, with is followed by the UAE today. Another important issue concerns senior writers and historians, such as Roger Garaudy and David Irving, who argued that this number is historically incorrect. Some said that there were only hundreds of thousands, others said that the main cause for these deaths was typhus, and so on. These senior historians and thinkers were persecuted by the Zionist lobby through fierce Zionist propaganda."

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